What Love Is - Dr. Diva Verdun

What Love Is…

Describing love outside of the Love Verse (1 Corinthians 13) is difficult because we attempt to put it into a container of feelings and emotions.  Love is a not and emotion or feeling to be expressed.  It is not a romantic relationship or great passion.  IT IS THE ESSENCE OF ALL THAT IS. IT is the very fabric of L.I.F.E. ITself.

Love is Spirit, God, Creator, BEING…  It is the POWER that activates everything in the Universe. It is the breath of L.I.F.E.  It is the ONE BEING, which is GOD creating more and more of ITself throughout all that is.

Because of the portrayal of love on the silver screen and social and cultural scripting and role modeling, we seek the demonstration of the fantasy we see.  This has taught us to look for love outside of ourselves.  We romanticize the fantasy in our own minds and come to the conclusion that what we have been taught is the actual demonstration of love when it is not.  Many relationships fail because what has become the popular idea of the perfect love sequence never materializes in reality.  This is because the relationship fails to demonstrate the romantic fantasy which cannot be sustained in real L.I.F.E.

To fully be aware of LOVE means being fully aware of self and the full equation of Spirit.  Spirit/God is LOVE and all that exist is created of LOVE as Spirit continues to create out of ITself.  All that exist is LOVE and to be truly “IN LOVE” means you are aware that the LOVE you are is who you are.  It is not a feeling or an emotion for someone else. It is a state of BEING.

The love we share with others is the experience of allowing our humanness to connect through the ONE PRESENCE of LOVE.  In this connection we experience different types of relationships from romantic and intimate to family and friends.  Strong emotional feelings and passion are only generated in romantic/intimate relationships, but these are simply our sexual energy being charged by the chemistry and attraction we have to the one we want to engage in intimate relations with.

The height of romantic feelings are euphoric and filled with fantasy, which we traditionally call being “in love”, as we allow ourselves to be carried away by the strong sexual and intense passion we feel in the new relationship.

The complexity of understanding the strong magnetic mix of energy that exist in romantic relationships can be difficult to comprehend because what we feel seems so real as we willingly give all of ourselves to another person. However, the proof can be seen in the time that romantic fantasy and euphoria last before they fade away. It is the honeymoon state of the relationship, which is heightened by passion and chemical attraction.

What Love Is - Dr. Diva VerdunChemistry and Passion are emotional and physical charges ignited by the sexual energy, which is driven by the L.I.F.E. Force, which is Love Itself. What we feel as love in the beginning of new romantic relationships is the spark of our emotions bursting into a flame of passion based on the mental pictures and beliefs we have built-in mind of what we think love should look like.  Once this period begins to wane, the reality of love becomes more about building a L.I.F.E. together as the two commit to move forward or find that their interest were merely charged by sexual energy and choose to part ways.

Love is not a passionate moment, or romantic relationship.  These feelings and emotions are sparked by our sexual energy and natural fire that burns within us. We can have these feelings and emotions without actually wanting to fully share love in a sincere connection with another person.  This is why so many relationships fail in the name of love, because they ride the wave of passion until it fades away and have nothing left to share between themselves because neither party is fully aware of what true love actually is.

LOVE is a constant in the Universe and was there before your beloved showed up in your experience. Love is resident within you and is never dormant. It is alive and active and is the very essence that makes your heart beat and your lungs inhale. Love has no face and when understood as the GREAT and ONLY POWER that exist, we can begin to manage our emotions better to build solid and long-lasting relationships.

It is not until you are fully aware of love as the very essence of who you are that you can welcome sharing the connection of ONEness with others.  It is through this knowing that we are all ONE in LOVE that it becomes openly evident to each person that love is not something to obtain but something to simply BE.

True love sees no difference in loving a person intimately than there is in loving your own children. It is still patient and kind. It still does not envy or boast nor is it proud.  It does not dishonor others, nor seek self.  It is not easily angered and keeps no record of wrongs.  It does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth.  It always protects and trust and hopes and perseveres.  Love is never failing because it simply is what it is.  IT is SPIRIT and it cannot be any less.

The more we stand in the light of who we are as LOVE the more we are capable of self-love and the more love is automatically reciprocated into our experience through the ONEness that we are openly aware we share with others.

It is in this BEING that we can gain longstanding, intimate relationships with our beloved because we are fully aware that before they showed up, love was already there.  We are now simply allowing ourselves to BE the LOVE we are that connects Divinely with the other person as we allow LOVE to bless our sexual unions and romance to take it to another level of intimacy where we actually are able to meet the Divine.



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Contains excerpts from “Sex, Sex, Sex, Relationships and More Sex” by Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun


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