Please Stop the Pain - Dr. Diva Verdun

Please Stop the Pain

Pain and suffering can stop us from moving forward with our lives.  However, pain and suffering are actually designed to protect us from deeper harm and allow us a space and time to detach from certain circumstances, people or things.  Pain and suffering are also a tool that takes us so deep into introspection that we are literally reborn into a new L.I.F.E. experience as we come out of the process on the other side.

Emotional pain is so difficult because we allow our thoughts to cycle out of control as they continue to feed us the pictures and images that generate suffering.  This is why it is said that suffering is self-inflicted.  It is because we continue to delve into the pit of our pain and we allow our thoughts to keep us grounded in the height of the emotional trauma, making us feel there is no value to L.I.F.E.  However, it is in pushing ourselves to process our way through our pain that we gain value in living.

So how do you get past the suffering and the emotional trauma you are experiencing when it hurts so bad and your heart is so heavily burdened with grief and loss from death, loss of relationships, jobs, possessions or even your health? How do you make a come back into the world of the living when you feel so dead inside?  How do you let go when all you can see is the pain enforced by the cycle of thoughts that continue to tumble in your mind?  How…? By embracing the very thing you fear the most; the pain itself.

Please Stop the Pain - Dr. Diva VerdunAvoiding feeling the full force of the pain you are suffering keeps you grounded in the suffering.  You cannot avoid feeling the pain. You can only prolong the suffering period by not wanting to allow yourself to go into it.  Who told you you have to be strong when you feel so weak? This is non-sense.  You cannot be strong when you are in a weakened state of pain and suffering.  You must stop and go with the weakened state so that you can step into the reality that you are in need of healing.

You must embrace pain and go into it.  The answers you seek are buried deep in the very pain that you are afraid to touch. It is in the pain itself that you cross the threshold into your healing. It is in the pain that you look deep within your own bleeding heart and find the small child within that is suffering, frightened and scared and buried in your shame, pain and guilt.  It is at this moment that you touch the POWER within and see love rising quickly from the ashes of despair, as you embrace and nurture the inner child.  In this moment you begin your journey back towards the living.

Stopping the emotional pain and suffering means taking control by allowing yourself to experience your fears and release shame and guilt.  It means you are stopping the mental cycle that plays the emotional tapes over and over again and taking action to protect the inner child who is in the dark and all alone.  It means you feel the pain and use it as your indicator that reminds you that you are alive.  It means you feel the pain and push past it to process the necessary wisdom it is birthing in your soul.

Moving past emotional pain is like rehabilitating from a great physical injury.  The pain will begin to dictate what you can and cannot do physically unless you begin physical therapy to force the muscles to work through the pain.  Without the therapy the muscles atrophy and the pain of any movement reminds you of your limitations.  In physical therapy it is the same pain and the same tears and the same suffering that is felt, but the motivation for full mobility wins in pushing past the pain to rehabilitate to have a fully functioning body.

To rehabilitate from emotional pain you have to touch the pain and you have to push through it as well, just like in physical therapy.  It is the pain that reminds you that you are alive. It is the pain that is there to dare you to win. It is the pain that is there that is designed to bring forth great wisdom and great awareness as you find new strength and resolve within to push through the process.  It takes dedication, discipline and the willingness to push past the tears a little bit a time to bring yourself back into full health.

No, you are not helplessly spiraling down into an abyss of pain and suffering.  This is a temporary state of Being that is designed to push you into processing your thoughts to move into a more dynamic experience of L.I.F.E.  Accept that you are hurting and be OK with that.  Stop being so strong for everyone and stop worrying about what others think.  You can overcome your sadness, your pain and your suffering and you will.

Allow yourself to cry and feel your pain.  It is OK, you cannot be strong when you hurt deeply.  You are carrying a burden that by its very nature is designed to break you down to the very fabric of who you are, so that you can rise up like the Phoenix through the ashes of despair and pain to generate a new L.I.F.E. within you.



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