I Quit! I Am Not the General Manager of the Universe - Dr. Diva Verdun

I Quit! I Am Not the General Manager of the Universe

We do not have to take on everything that is going on in the world as our responsibility to fix.  Things happen to us and to those that we love and care about, but still we do not have to make it our business to attempt to fix everything that happens. Some things we cannot fix, we are simply going to experience them, both good and bad.  Taking it upon ourselves to carry all of the weight for everyone we care about is not healthy.  We cannot carry the burdens of other people and we cannot fix them either. Each person is here to have their own experience and they must go through certain things in order to grow and develop into their POWER.

I Quit! I Am Not the General Manager of the Universe - Dr. Diva VerdunIf we assist the butterfly to free itself from the it hibernating slumber it will die because the struggle itself is what causes the blood to push through its wings so that it can fly.  In rescuing those we love, we enable them to continue in their own dysfunctions and issues.  We give them a reason to not have to work through their own problems and pain as we place undue burden and stress upon ourselves to carry their weight.

Spirit does not need a General Manager of the Universe. IT can handle all that is necessary to be handled for each and every person without your assistance.  You have enough issues to take care of growing through for yourself and just as you must go within to solve your own problems, they must exercise the same discipline to get still and go within for their own help as well.

I Quit! I Am Not the General Manager of the Universe - Dr. Diva VerdunHelping a loved one with an immediate need is not the same thing as carrying the weight and responsibility to fix their lives.  You can help with one problem temporarily, however by not allowing them to help themselves you will be burdened with the responsibility of fixing all their problems.  Giving a fish is vastly different from teaching one how to fish.  If you teach them how to fish they can take care of all their needs on their own for a L.I.F.E.time.

Stop being the General Manager of the Universe. Yes, it does hurt to see loved ones struggle through their own issues.  However, this is part of the L.I.F.E. journey that teaches each of us how to manifest and demonstrate what we want to experience in our lives.  Each person must go through their own journey in order to get the lessons necessary for the edification of their own journey.  You cannot shortcut their experience by thinking you are saving them from themselves.  You are actually preventing them from growing into the fullness of who they are.  They will never stand on their own to grow into their own POWER.  You have crippled them just like the butterfly by taking away the necessary struggle that gives them the POWER to fly.

Spirit does not need your help to take care of all the things that are necessary for other people.  What is needed you will feel in your Spirit.  Do that part and allow Spirit to take the ball from there for the rest to happen.  It is not your burden to carry everyone’s weight.  You are not the Great Spirit that can fix the issues of L.I.F.E. for others.  You are the individual Divine Spirit that has the POWER of ONE to fix the issues of L.I.F.E. for you and to lead by your example of BEING.

Let go and allow God to do the necessary work to take care of you and all of those you care about.  If you are not there to do for them what you think is necessary to be done, Spirit will fill the void with exactly what and who is necessary to meet all their needs and you will then be free to concentrate on living your own L.I.F.E. in the fullness of joy.



Click here for a prayer treatment to resign from being the General Manager of the Universe to allow Spirit to work in your L.I.F.E. and in the lives of all those you love.


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