Red Flags Don't Mean Go - Dr. Diva Verdun

Red Flags Don’t Mean Go

Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to have someone in our lives that we are willing to do whatever is necessary to have that experience. The red flag is waving at full mask, yet we look up and say to ourselves that the wind is not blowing hard enough for us to take notice.  We move forward knowing in the back of our minds that we are taking a huge risk  However, we press forward through all the indicators that are warning us and move forward anyway.

Red Flags Don't Mean Go - Dr. Diva VerdunDesperation, fear of being alone or abandoned, fear of getting older and not having someone in our lives, fixations on certain people we have determined are Mr/Mrs Right etc… will cause us to settle for relationships that may not fully serve us.  These fears can cause us to make relationship decisions based on codependent behaviors.

We become caretakers or sacrifice more than we should for the sake of our romantic love interest.  We make excuses to ourselves and live in denial thinking that we can love a person enough for them to love us. We may believe we can simply do enough for that person to prove to them that we are there for them and that they will be with us. Worse we can apply so much pressure to control and force the relationship to take a certain course when it really may not be the right one for us in the long run. The red flags are Spirit’s way of warning us we are off track.

Relationships can only evolve to the level of awareness of the two parties.  The red flags are a warning we are treading on dangerous territory.  We may have too much pride to heed the waving red flags because we want to save face in front of friends and family so somehow we feel we must proceed.  We may have too much pride because we need the relationship to provide something we are in fear of not having in our lives, be it love or security, so we ignore the warnings. Pride goes before the fall.

Spirit is alive and well within, but our ego is also at war with our Spiritual nature to have its way and looks for the easy road and the easy answers creating chaos and confusion within.  The ego declines to acknowledge the red flag warnings as it continues to fight to stay in control. Unfortunately, every time we choose to avoid the red flags, we have chosen to ignore our intuition in the matters of heart. We allow our ego to override all the warnings because we must have exactly what we have chosen to have right now, even if it is not for us.

You were born with Divine Intuition.  Allowing your emotions to run havoc and override your intuition is inviting problems to camp out in your experience.  Unfortunately, we will do exactly that and elect to enter or stay in relationships based on one or two characters we find in a person that we want to fall in love with, ignoring the fact that so much more is missing.  We may feel so strongly that we can stitch the relationship together with the love we have for the other person alone.  However, true love is not based on forcing or controlling the relationship to happen.  Love allows the relationship to simply evolve as it continues to mirror the reflection of the lovers to each other.

Red Flags Don't Mean Go - Dr. Diva VerdunSpirit does not lie.  Your intuition is talking loud and clear and when there is a red flag, it is your warning sign that you may need to slowdown and really evaluate your motivations.  If your motivation to be in the relationship is fear based, even in the smallest capacity, you have something you need to resolve within yourself. The red flags you see waving are telling you that you are entering a danger zone.  This is a zone where you must evaluate yourself and why you are choosing to make the decisions you are making.

Thinking that you can love a person enough for there to be wholeness in the relationship when the red flag is waving means you are moving forward in denial.  Love is a constant in the Universe and is already resident within you before your beloved arrived in your experience.  If you are seeing red flags at any point in your relationship, Spirit is warning you that you are moving at your own risk now into a zone that will more than likely end in pain and suffering.

When you see the red flags waving, it may not mean you are to run from the current relationship, but it does indicate that Spirit is sending you an intuitive signal that you should be aware of.  It means that there is something amiss that you should give your attention to so that you can avoid moving into a painful experience should you not heed the warning.

Red flags are your intuition flying high.  They are Spirit attempting to get your attention.  To ignore them and move forward means you have elected to ignore the warning signs and to enter the Mind Field, which in every single case results in some form of pain.



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