Get Off the Roller-coaster

L.I.F.E. is supposed to be circulatory. It evolves through cycles.  This is evident in all the cycles that exists from the cycle of seasons, to the cycle of blood in our bodies and the cycle of L.I.F.E. itself. We do not have to choose to be on a roller-coaster ride of an experience in this cycle.  We do not have to choose to be up one day and so far down the next.  We do not have to choose to live from one extreme to the other never finding a perfect and complete balance to live a meaningful, abundant and peaceful experience.

Roller-coaster living is manifested in our experience through our fears.  We fear not having love so we settle for the first person that makes us feel good. We fear not having money so we sit and wait for the doom of our impending issues or look for a rescuer.  We fear change so we stay stagnant in our dramas and broken experiences.  We fear having our belief systems shattered so we are closed-minded to new thoughts and ideas.  We even fear getting older so we do everything in our POWER to prove we are not old, when it is the seasoning of our years that has made us wiser.

Living a roller-coaster ride experience means we can only be on top for a moment at the height of the ride.  It means we are in the ride for the ecstatic feelings and the rush we get when we are coming down.  It means we are stimulated for a moment and briefly feel the height of greatness. However, it also means we are now simply riding the wave of the coaster to the station where we get off the ride.  We have to continue to return to the ride to experience the same rush.

Living a roller-coaster ride experience means we are standing in line to get on a ride for a one time manifestation and then get off and stand back in line for another one time fix. We never maintain consistency or balance in our experience.  We are up one moment, down the next, and we spend more time down than we do up, cause we are waiting in line, or waiting for something to happen.  Because L.I.F.E. operates in cycles we get stuck in this cycle of ups and downs, which is not the natural design of L.I.F.E. Either something is up or down, we don’t have to make it a cycle.

Get Off the Rollercoaster - Dr. Diva VerdunYou are not here to live an up and down experience.  You have the POWER of GREATNESS within you that will sustain you at a level of abundance in every good thing according to his riches and glory.  You are here to experience the fullness of L.I.F.E. in love, in finance, in joy, in peace and every other good thing.  You are here to live your L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly, not here to rise and fall and rise and fall and spend more time in the fallen state.

To overcome roller-coaster ride living we must move from a lack and limitation thought process.  We must begin to exercise self-mastery to find the fine lines within us that keep us bound to impoverished thinking.  We must begin to understand that impoverished thinking mixed with hope only brings temporary fixes through emergency manifestations that only patch us through one crisis at time.

Your L.I.F.E. is not a crisis, even if it may feel like it at the moment.  Using crisis management to fix your L.I.F.E. always results in more crisis to fix.  Why?  Because there is a fine line of fear buried so deep within you that keeps you from living in your naturally abundant state of BEING.  This one line of thought is what continues to manifest more crisis to be managed, training you to become an expert at crisis management.  It is this thinking alone that takes us from crisis to crisis to crisis allowing us to demonstrate one small victory for the temporary fix to each crisis but never allows us to reach a balance where we are totally crisis free.

It is time to move free of crisis management and roller-coaster ride living.  It is time to be free to live all of L.I.F.E. according to his riches and glory.  It is time to live all of L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.

You have the POWER within you to get off the roller-coaster.  You have the POWER to balance your L.I.F.E. and to live in ITs fullness and you deserve it.

You are here to experience L.I.F.E. in a beautiful cycle of abundance that continues to give forth more and more of ITself in an ever-increasing blessing.  You are here to live in the full glory of the cycle of L.I.F.E., which like the blood that flows in your veins and the air that rushes into your lungs sustains your very BEING.  The ride is over, time to get off and LIVE!



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