Dealing with a messy Judas - Dr. Diva Verdun

Dealing with a Messy Judas

We all have had people show up in our lives with motivations that are not genuine.  They come into our experience to trick us into giving them information that they seek or to interfere in other relationships for their own selfish purposes. They camp out in our space pretending to be a friend until we discover their true intentions.  We are now faced with calling attention to the issues they have created.  At this point the perpetrating friend seizes their window of opportunity to attempt to flip the script by soiling our integrity and damaging other relationships through slander and accusations while pretending to be the victim in the very scenario they have created. This is known as betrayal.

Dealing with a messy Judas - Dr. Diva VerdunIt is sad that people want to create false friendships with us to gain certain levels of knowledge or to manipulate others into something that they want from them through our mutual friendship.  Betrayal is a very messy process to heal from.  It strips away trust and creates suspicion.  It causes us to be extremely cautious or even closed to new friendships as well.

To begin healing from betrayal, you must clearly and rationally understand the mess that you now find yourself in. You must deal with your anger and feelings of being used, lied to and manipulated on a personal level to prepare yourself to address the messy person that is creating bad energy in your experience.

Bad relationships, like good ones, are mirrors for you to learn from.  Yes it is difficult to find the mirrors in these messy and manipulative toxic relationships.  However, once you begin to go deep into your own psyche to ask why this experience is happening to you, you will begin to discover the lessons you are to extract from it.   You will come into the realization that your deeply rooted fears have surfaced to attract this mess to point out key issues you need to address and heal regarding your own pain.

Dealing with a messy Judas - Dr. Diva VerdunIt is hard to accept that we drew someone so manipulative and messy into our own experience, but it is always done unto us as we deeply believe. So while a messy person may create drama and havoc in your experience, there is an element of truth that is being revealed in the middle of the mess. You may not want to accept this truth because you are busy blaming the person for the drama they are now causing in your experience, but the situation is designed to pinch the nerve that is directly connected to your pain and fears.  Once you realize that there is a lesson in this drama, you will release it and begin your healing.

The messy and manipulative friend is your Judas Iscariot. It is the fear of loss of something or someone who has prompted them to appear in your experience and they show up because you have something they want. They will manipulate you into trusting and loving them so that they can sell you out for their own bag of silver (selfish gain).  They are the thorn in your flesh that creates so much discomfort that you have no choice but to figure out why this is happening to you.  They are in your experience to betray you into a crucifixion process that will bring you into the POWER of your own resurrection.

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive. ~Genesis 50:20

Your Judas is creating a mess in your experience because you opened fear’s door and let them in.  Getting upset and carrying a grudge gets you no closer to the resolution of the issue.  You have been sold out and now you have many issues to deal with.  This is the crucifixion process, where you suffer through the loss of people, possessions and may have to deal with your integrity being damaged. You may lose a job.  You may lose your lover.  You may lose your money.  You will surely lose your temper, but you are dying to your fears. You will rise again and be fully and abundantly restored.  Even those that lost trust and faith in you will take notice of your strength and resolve to move through the messy process with integrity, as you rise on the other side of this experience.

Dealing with a messy Judas - Dr. Diva VerdunThe biggest key in dealing with your Judas, or messy friend is to understand that they don’t realize that the silver(selfish gain) they seek is the same silver(selfish gain) that will hang them later, so they can also process their own issues.  By allowing the betrayal to simply play its course and pick-up where you are, and move forward to rise on the other side, you are allowing that person to hang(grow) through their own process while you heal from yours.

It is very hard to forgive and show compassion when you have been betrayed.  However,  by showing compassion for your Judas you will demonstrate Divine Love and forgiveness for even the messiest people who manipulated their way into your experience.  You begin to realize that they have pushed you into discovering the greatest lesson in overcoming your fears and healing your own pain.  You are no longer afraid to lose anything because they have threatened everything you hold dear and you now release all in trust to Spirit.

What your Judas has sold you out for has absolutely no comparison to the blessing that will come forth through this difficult experience. You are growing into your GREATness and Discovering your POWER.  You begin to realize the release of fear and pain you are experiencing in the crucifixion process and look forward to the rebirth that you are moving into.  It is in this exact moment that you are capable of forgiveness and compassion, while simultaneously your Judas is hanging themselves in shame and guilt, which automatically removes them from your experience.

You will live through the betrayal you experience.  Let it Go and allow the crucifixion process to purify you as you rise again and all is fully restored. You are being empowered into your GREATness.  This too shall pass and you will be Victorious.  Jesus was!



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