Letting Go is Taking Action on Your Faith - Dr. Diva Verdun

Letting Go is Taking Action on Your Faith

Learning to let go is difficult because we want to be in control of the outcomes.  We want to be sure of what is going on and feel comfortable that we have the answer or resolution to a particular situation. We hear the colloquial statement “let go and let God” so much that it has become cliché’, but there is much truth in these five words.  Letting go means we are taking spiritual action on our faith.  It means we are looking past our fears, and our need to control.  That we release the Universe to do what is necessary to provide for us exactly what we need and want, knowing that we need not put any more energy into it when we let it go.

Letting Go is Taking Action on Your Faith - Dr. Diva VerdunLetting go is releasing the rope.  It is letting go of the pulling and tugging that gnaws at your soul.  It is relaxing into the confidence that Spirit has you and is bringing forth what you need or desire in a timely fashion.  Letting go means you are no longer standing guard over the manifestation.  It means you are following through to put your faith in action.

Holding on to the rope is a lot of work.  The strength you need to pull and hold it down drains you mentally and emotionally.  You become fearful and begin to rush yourself through a process and find yourself wrapped in even more fear when the manifestation you seek seems to continue to evade you.  Once you let go of your grasp of the rope, which means you must let go of people and outcomes,  ideas and feelings, and needs, wants and desire you begin to feel the release of the emotional pressure from carrying all the weight to control or force a manifestation.  You begin to stand in the place of knowing to allow Spirit to do the work as you simply let go to put your faith in action.

Letting go of your problems, your needs and your fears to know Spirit has them means you are releasing your need to cling so tightly to your manifestations. Letting go is a spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical process. It is a process by which you acknowledge that by hanging on tightly you cannot solve the problem, force changes in other people, or force the outcomes you desire.  It is a process where you become aware that you are blocking what you truly want and need by giving the Universe mixed signals through your fears.

Things may not happen the way you think they should be happening, but Spirit’s map is not the same as yours. Spirit’s map can take you through a journey to get the lessons you need in the path to that which you desire, or it can be a shortcut that manifest exactly what is needed in the moment you let go.  Either way you have released the Universe to do what is necessary to bring about the demonstration of your faith.

Let Go and Let God means to Let Go and KNOW that GOD is taking specific interest in your needs. It means you are aware that your fear can derail your blessing and that you have elected to fully trust Spirit to move every mountain to bless you with all your needs met and your dreams fulfilled.



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