Today’s Prayer Treatment – Dr. Diva Verdun, Empowerment Coach, Minister, Spiritual Practitioner and, Counselor

Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

I AM One with Divine LOVE. The Universe is Divine Harmony and flows without one aspect controlling the other.

I realize that I can let go and allow my relationships to take on their own L.I.F.E.  I do not have to control them into what I think they should be. I merely need to allow them be the instrument of healing and growth that they are designed to be.

I release my attempts to control the person I love into loving me the way I want to be loved and work to love myself first.

I realize that by investing love and effort into myself first that I release all fear of loss and I no longer settle for difficult people and difficult relationships that are filled with struggle and strife.

I am at peace within myself and know that I am created in LOVE, and therefore the love that I seek I need go no further than within to find.

I realize that as I begin to heal myself, I grow out of codependent behavior and I am free and allow the other person to be free as well.

I trust that my relationships work without my control, enabling and molding of the other person.

I trust that love comes to me on a higher level than I have ever experienced before because I realize it comes through me to me.

I therefore, start today, by releasing those I love to be who they are.

I know that there is never an end to love, therefore I am no longer fearful of losing love.  I now realize the love I feel I deserve I invest in myself first, allowing the other person to do the same.

I allow the relationship to settle down into what it is and I am prepared for that reality, be it moving forward or the end.

I stand in my truth knowing that I am love in manifest human form.  I am filled with love because I am love and I begin to change my relationships by improving the relationship I have with myself.

And so it is!
Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


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