Overcoming Shame from Abuse - Dr. Diva Verdun

Overcoming Shame from Abuse

Many of us have been abused, victimized or exploited.  The resulting feelings of shame are daunting and create deeply rooted fear and self-blame for what happened.  The resulting shame continues to kill all feelings of intimacy as the fear begins to rise when people get to close. Recovery can be a L.I.F.E. long battle for many people, but shame and fear do not have to rule if we are prepared to do the necessary work to deal with our deeply rooted pain so that we can be free to experience the true joy of living.

Overcoming Shame from Abuse - Dr. Diva VerdunShame is a binding experience that cripples all healthy feelings of wholeness.  When suffering from any form of abuse we are angry and feel to embarrassed to share our pain.  We begin to blame ourselves for what has happened to us even after we have moved past pointing fingers at those that wronged us.

Moving into your healing means you have to establish a healthy loving relationship with yourself first.  It means you have to take a deep look at all the things you feel you are suffering from and begin to deal with the dragons one at a time.

Abuse is not an easy experience to overcome, because one has been deeply wronged and taken advantage of, be it physical, mental or emotional.  It takes concentrated and focused effort to release the pain so that you can be free from the haunting thoughts, the pain, the guilt, fear and shame.  This can only begin to happen after you have moved out of the abusive situation and begin to embrace forgiveness to release the person that has done the damage, which is so hard to do when you have been violated on such a deep and personal level.

Forgiveness means to give over in advance.  It means you are willing to give over to your pain and allow it to surpass.  It is an act that releases you into a new experience as you free yourself from the cycle of thoughts that continue to play the pain over and over again, even at the deepest subconscious levels.

Moving into forgiveness means you are freeing yourself of the feelings of guilt, shame and remorse that you carry, which keep you in a personal prison from the events that victimized you.  It means you are releasing the situation and the abusive person to Spirit and allowing this event to simply become a part of your L.I.F.E. journey without continually allowing it to sabotage it.  It means you are ready to move forward and move out of resentment and pain to release your shame surrounding what happened to you because you are preparing to return to L.I.F.E.

To release the shame from abuse one must be prepared to deal with their pain on a deep level.  It means going into it and living it for the last time to resolve the issues and set yourself free through forgiveness.  No! It is not an easy task.  Yes! You will be angry and mad.  Yes! You may cry and be frustrated and want to punch, hit and kick something.  Your anger must be allowed to be released so that you can deal with the pain and begin the road to recovery through forgiveness.

You may never know why abusive things happened to you.  They may simply have become a part of your L.I.F.E. journey for the sole purpose of the lesson and realization you are now getting. However, the one thing that is true is that once you are able to move into a process of self-love and forgiveness you can begin the journey of your healing.

You CAN be free from shame to begin living a new experience rooted in your own POWER. You can begin to resurrect L.I.F.E. within you.  You can restore light to the dark areas of your soul and return to joy that resides in your heart. You learn that your strength to move past the trauma you have experienced is deeper than you even imagined. You have begun to peel back the layers to be free of shame and live as the perfect, whole and complete person you were created to BE.



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