Stop Being Desperate for Love - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Being Desperate for Love

We have all heard the quote “desperate times call for desperate measures”.  It is a statement that is grounded in fear.  There is no such thing as desperate times to Spirit.  We become desperate because we are so deeply engrained in our own fears that we feel we have no other choice. Sadly, in most cases the choices we make result in just as tragic a result, keeping us in a cycle of desperation seeking love, money or change.

Choices made out of desperation are a trade-off to satisfy our despair in order to fix an immediate and pressing need. Issues of loneliness cannot be fixed in a desperate trade-off.  These choices are never the ones we feel we should be making. They are the ones we tell ourselves we have to make in order to satisfy our pressing need to be loved.  Making desperate choices to simply be in a relationship equals the same resulting tragic outcomes at a later point, coupled with the reality that love never lived there in the first place.

Stop Being Desperate for Love - Dr. Diva VerdunIn our desperation to be “in love”, we mistakenly take the euphoric feelings of a new relationship and twist them into a fantasy to make the person we choose the love our our L.I.F.E., when in essence they are merely the love of one moment in our lives.  Desperate relationships result in one person chasing while the other one is truly running away.  They end with one person being hurt because they feel abused and misused, while the other person is simply attempting to live their own lives.  They result in codependent behavior where one is willing to through themselves under the bus to simply maintain the relationship no matter how bad it seems to get.

Being desperate is a formula for impending pain, which always shows up at the end of the decision made out of despair.  You must first go within to find the deeper problems that drive your fear of being alone and unlovable. Many of these issues began with some form of childhood trauma, be it abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Once you begin to resolve your own fears by healing these deeply rooted pains, you will begin to walk in self-love and find this multiplied in healthy and rewarding relationships.

The rush to be in a relationship, just to have someone in your L.I.F.E. does not allow room for the establishment of the key ingredients of a healthy relationship, the love of self first.  It seems so backwards that you would need to invest love in yourself first when you are looking for someone to love you.  However, as you begin to grow in the Spiritual gifts you come to understand that the very key to having more love in your L.I.F.E. is to demonstrate to yourself that you are loveable.  You do this through self-mastery, self-care, and self-love.

The more we practice self-mastery the more we can look deep within and find the things our mirrors (relationships) show us about ourselves through the broken and troubled relationships we have had.  We begin to fix our issues and settle the trauma and drama that is going on within.  Once we come to a place where we are fully engaged in loving ourselves we are then ready to let go of our egos and allow love to naturally be a part of our experience.

Moving out of desperation for love is imperative to true harmonious relationships.  Both parties are engaged in relationship because they are comfortable in their own skin and bring to the table healthy, thinking and contemplative models that are prepared to do the necessary self-work that brings about the full beauty of the relationship.

Stop being desperate for love.  Desperate for a man or desperate for a woman.  Sit still and realize that desperation does not bring about the perfect relationship.  It brings you more pain and suffering as you complicate your L.I.F.E. with a new experience that results in a painful ending for you to sort through another lesson.

As you exercise your faith you will begin to grow in the understanding that desperation cannot exist when you are focused on Spirit and know the reality of truth regarding your Source.  Spirit is the Source of all Good including your relationships and your finances.  Desperate measures are a worldly concept that never bring you into the full strength of your own POWER.  You are never truly desperate.  You are very blessed! Trust the POWER within you and see your L.I.F.E. manifest into all you truly deserve and desire.



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