Heal My Finances - Dr Diva Verdun

Heal My Finances

When we don’t have enough money to meet our needs we automatically move into fear.  We look at all the things we don’t have, we can’t do and what we feel we need or our impending issues.  Worry then sets in and we begin to focus on our fears and the lack and limitation that are so apparent.  We allow worry to turn into depression and depression to desperation, which generates a new host of issues that spiral us further downward into the original problem, giving rise to more of the same.  Why?  Because our total focus is on the problem not the resolution.  Our whole focus is consumed by the problem of no money and no seeming resources.

Heal My Finances - Dr. Diva VerdunWithout clarity we continue to spiral in worry and depression as we ramp up our focus on what we don’t have, making this our truth.  This means we have totally become immersed in the problem. Our faith is in the problem, not in the solution even though we need answers. We can’t find answers because our faith is now in our fears and is too strong to allow our minds a clear enough space to factor in new truth.

The fear we have that surrounds money is solidified by our shame of not being able to take care of ourselves and our families, which again adds to the depth of the problem, because our focus is now not only clouded in fear, lack and limitation, but also choked by shame.  In these moments the last thing we want to hear is that Spirit can fix the problem, when we have been begging Spirit for an answer already and see no results, just more trials by fire.

In actuality, the answers to our financial problems begin with taking a moment to sit and get peaceful.  But how when the stress is so great?  The first thing is to take 10 minutes to get peaceful.  Taking some time to center will not spiral you any further than you already are.  So there is nothing you lose by getting still, but so much more you stand to gain. It can stop the pain for 10 minutes, which is long enough for you to begin to get some clarity regarding your issues.

Begging God for help does not work as you have already found out.  It simply makes you more exasperated at your current situation and possibly upset with God for seemingly not being there to rescue you from your financial problems.  Without getting all Spiritual and on bended knee etc… there is a method to clearing your mental space so that you can begin to see the light of day in through your issues and move out of desperation into a place to begin to build yourself back up. It’s called meditation.

Meditation is the Method You Use to Get Still and Clear Your Mental Space

Take 10 minutes to center yourself and get still by focusing only on your breath and nothing more.  Inhale deeply, hold for a count of 3 and exhale with a sigh(sound). Still the chatter and confusion in your mind by concentrating on only your breath, which is free… It is totally free!  Just think you need no money to breathe and God supplies you with all the air you need in the exact time you need it.

The air you breathe supplies you with continued L.I.F.E.. It gives the heart what is needed to pump the blood, which supplies even more oxygen to the rest of the body.  Focus only on your breath and the free gift of L.I.F.E. it brings.

Once you have gotten still you are now prepared to see that you never asked God for the breathe you just took. You simply knew it was available to you.  You never had to say I want, I need, I have to have it.  It simply is supplied. As well, Spirit does the same for everything else you have need of, including money.  You can contemplate this in your meditation to guard your mind from dipping back into the negative thoughts and fear regarding lack of money. Just focus on the breath and how your need to breathe is supplied in the exact moment you need it. As well, so is everything else.

Heal My Finances - Dr. Diva VerdunMoney is God in action providing for you, but it cannot flow to you if you have closed off the tap to your Source.  Spirit is the source of all that is needed, just like the air you breathe.  As you begin to get peaceful you will remember that even Jesus told the disciple to go to the water and catch the first fish, which would have the coin in its mouth, and that he could use this to pay all the taxes.  The disciple was panicked because there was no money.  Jesus was telling him to be still, meditate and think.  To go to the water means you are getting still and going within.  The water represents your consciousness, your mind. It is the place where your fish, or ideas swim because fish represent ideas.  Once you still the chatter in your mind, you will have an idea that will help you move out of the issues you experience that will bring forth the supply that is needed in the form of money.

You must move past your thoughts that there is not enough and that you are not solvent enough to have income or all you need.  This is not true.  Your Source is the Creator that supplies all, including money, which is merely a form of trade to get the things you desire in our free trade system.  Spirit knows all you have need of. You must bring yourself to a place to see your thoughts that are focused on your desperation to have money are exactly what is choking away the ideas that you need to bring it forth.

Worry about lack and limitation is a deep deep issue we all face.  We live in a society that has taught us that there are the haves and the have nots.  To Spirit there is no such thing, we were all born into an abundant inheritance to have L.I.F.E. and to have it more abundantly.

The key to your abundance has to do with your focus. It is done unto you as you believe. So if you believe you are broke, the Universe has no choice but to manifest more of the same into your experience. Remember, the Universe is no respecter of persons, meaning IT does not respect one thought over the other. It takes your most dominant belief and manifest that for you.

Reciting affirmations and praying for help will not magically force a manifestation to appear as the Universe only operates on Spiritual Principle.  It uses your deepest beliefs that underlie all your void affirmations to manifest exactly what you are believing, including your fears.  The Universe is bound by law to manifest your most dominant belief and this is why you must work at the subconscious level to change what you believe to change your L.I.F.E.

Heal My Finances - Dr Diva VerdunIf you say to the Universe I want this, or I need that, it does not charge the Universe with an action.  You have merely confirmed that you are in lack of something.  Both the word want and need imply the same meaning.  They both mean you don’t have something.  So the Universe simply stands still and does nothing, because you have not given a directive, you simply have confirmed a truth as you see it.  It is like your kids in the grocery store saying they want this and that.  You hear them, but you take no action.

The Universe only takes action on what you deeply believe.  When you want something you must firmly believe you have it and that you deserve it without a shadow of doubt. Even the smallest glimmer of doubt will charge the Universe to take no action, because you are already in the state of need or want from lack, so there is nothing for the Universe to do.  It is your belief that activates the Universe to manifest what you want or need.

You must charge the Universe with your belief that you are the child of the King and that you deserve to have all that you speak into your experience.  So if you claim your finances are now whole and you are stable and increasing daily, you must believe this at the deepest most elemental subconscious level charging the Universe with a directive to take action to fix your issues.  You must stay in this mind-set to confirm to the Universe your belief in your Source, which is your Higher POWER, knowing you deserve the manifestation you see in mind and that you were born to have it in your experience.

The Holy Book says the poor will be amongst you always, but it did not name you by name as one of them.  You have a choice to stay in your present financial situation or to use this financial mess to step-up into your POWER to live your dreams.  You can change it! It happens with the POWER of your own MIND. It is a Spiritual concept that is not based on bended knee, but on the POWER of changing your thoughts through self-mastery to control the little foxes(thoughts) that are destroying the vine(your fruit/ideas).

You were born with all you need to be all you dream.  You are living below your station because of your own programming.  It is all about what you deeply believe.  If you believe that the economy is bad for you then the Universe will manifest this truth in your experience. However, why is it in the same moment that you are without that others are buying cars and houses and traveling. How? when the economy is so bad? Who is it bad for and why?

Heal My Finances - Dr Diva VerdunYou do not have to buy into lie that the economy is bad. It does not have to be true for you when there is so much abundance in the world.  Breathe in right now.  There is abundance of air, so why is there not abundance of any other thing for you?  You believe there is enough air on the deepest subconscious level, so you do not ever worry about air to breathe even though there are billions of people, animals, plants etc… partaking of the same oxygen at the same time.  There is still more than enough for you to draw in each and every moment. To Spirit money is merely another supplied need and manifest just as freely in your experience as air, because everything is the same to Spirit.

“If you let Spirit possess you wholly, if you will to have the highest will done in you and through you continually, you will be quickly moved by it out of your present limitations.” ~H. Emily Cady

Money is being printed daily and credit is being increased daily in a capitalistic system.  You are wealthier than any system that exist on this planet, thus you can tap into it and have all you need and desire at any time.  It all begins with your deepest thoughts  and belief.  Know that you are increasing daily and stop and take 10 minutes to still the little foxes(negative thoughts) that destroy your vine (fruit/ideas).  The ideas you need are there.  You can take the coin out of the fishes(ideas) mouth and live the L.I.F.E. you were born to live.  You do not have to choose to be one of the poor that will always be amongst us. You can choose to walk in your inheritance to live L.I.F.E. and live it more abundantly.



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