Your Feelings Matter They Are Your Tools to Living - Dr. Diva Verdun

Your Feelings Matter – They Are Your Tools to Living

Dealing with our emotions is the one biggest challenge we face on a daily basis.  The joyful ones we have no issues sharing with others, but when we are sad, depressed, frustrated, angry and lonely we tend to suppress these emotions so that we seem to be what the world pegs as “normal”.  The world’s idea of being “normal” means we are zombies and walking around like manikins with a smile on our face.  This is virtually impossible when L.I.F.E. is filled with daily opportunities to grow through exploration and discovery where many times we find ourselves moving through bad experiences from the decisions we have made or the situations we find ourselves in.

To operate in the world’s idea of “normal” and be happy on a daily basis is virtually impossible.  Discovering more and more about L.I.F.E. and how you fit into the Divine Puzzle through your emotions and feelings IS normal. That means if you feel sad, depressed, mad, angry, lonely, jealous, envy, frustration, or joy, theses are all designed to bring you into a new awareness of how something you are experiencing makes you feel, so that you can process that particular experience and learn what you like and don’t like.

Your feelings are your Divine Tool Kit that help you navigate through L.I.F.E. Without feelings you would be a walking zombie.  You would not be capable of knowing love, joy, or even happiness.  However, to embrace the light side of your emotions, you must also balance embracing the dark side as well.  Once you are in balance then you are in a place to know how to use your Divine Tool Kit to continue to explore L.I.F.E. using both your light and dark emotions to guide you through your experiences.

The fear of not wanting to hurt or be in pain has caused many people to shut down their emotions in order to survive. Shutting down important emotions like anger, sadness, fear, joy and love, and in more extreme causes shutting down sexual and sensual feelings are instituted by your fears to ward off any possible pain.  Unfortunately, shutting down your dark emotions and/or reducing your sexual and sensual natures to zero leaves you nothing but depression. You cannot know joy without the counter-knowledge of sadness and if you are in denial of your pain you cannot escape it until you face it.

Growing up in families that did not allow you to express your feelings makes it difficult as an adult to know how to deal with your emotions.  Through shame and guilt you may have been reprimanded into suppressing your feelings by parents or loved ones that never knew how to express their own. Know that as an adult it is OK to feel what you feel no matter what it is that you feel.  It is OK to connect to your feelings because they actually define who you are. They give you grounding so that you begin to recognize what you like and what you don’t like.

Your Feelings Matter They Are Your Tools to Living - Dr. Diva VerdunBeing free to feel what you feel means you do not allow your emotions and feelings to control you, but that you are in control of allowing yourself to feel whatever the experience jars for you.  This means you must sit and evaluate what you have going on within and face the pain and hurts, deal with your sadness and know that depression is a temporary time out to process it all.  The key is in being mentally strong enough to move out of your pain, sadness and depression and back into living by loving yourself right where you are and knowing that making mistakes and experiencing bad things is part of the growth process.

As a baby learning to walk was painful, you fell and bumped your head and got cuts and bruises just learning to walk.  It was physically painful and mentally challenging, but you were determined to keep moving through the pain.  You acknowledged what you felt both physical and mental, but you still got up and moved forward.  As adults, we are afraid to learn to walk, so we sit in our issues and stagnant by turning off our emotions and living in the darkness of our pain.

Learning to be free to explore your feelings means you are aware that they are your Divine Tools that guide you through L.I.F.E.  They are the emotional part of you that is centered in your POWER.  They guide you into your physical well-being and catapult you into the spiritual awareness of who you are.

Do not fear your anger… control it. It is there to help you align your boundaries. For example: If someone steps on your foot and stands on it, you don’t laugh; you get angry and tell them to get off.  It is your anger that rises to the occasion to help you set the boundaries needed.  Through self-mastery you begin to embrace anger and control its fire.  Sadness, grief and depression are also emotions that help you set boundaries.  Something you have experienced has greatly hurt you so you take time away from living to process the pain.  They are your shock absorbers that allow you to move into a deeper process to explore your feelings.

If you are stuck in depression, sadness or grief, it is because you are not processing your pain.  You are allowing the fear of the hurt to prohibit you from going deeper.  Unfortunately, the fear of not going deeper keeps you locked at the threshold of your recovery.  You have to cross the threshold, and you can only do that by going deeper into your own pain to see what it is teaching you.  As you begin to embrace your dark emotions, you will begin to see your feeling come back into balance as joy begins to rise through the ashes of your fears.

By embracing all of your feelings, you are learning to use your Divine Tool Kit to navigate in your own POWER.  You then become more and more attuned to the greatest gift of all and that is love of self. At this point you begin to realize the great value of the gift of your emotional tools.



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