Get Up! Be Ready - Dr. Diva Verdun

Get up! Be Ready!

We are always asking and pleading and begging Spirit for answers to solve our problems and restore our lives.  We want healing, joy, relationships, solutions, jobs, change, answers, opportunity, clarity, peace and a host of so many more things.  We have cried tears and we have endured great pain to move through our trials hanging on a glimmer of hope that Spirit just maybe, just maybe, will miraculously come through. In essence our faith is filled with doubt that there is a magically spiritual fix coming, so we hold fast to our fears, and the lack and limitation that we can actually see.

Get Up! Be Ready - Dr. Diva VerdunFaith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. And Faith without any work is dead.  You must stop exercising your faith into dead works, which are the things you fear.  Dead works are the dashed hope, the fractured dreams, the sadness, the depression, the shame and guilt you see and feel.  Dead works are the experience of working against your own wish to have things change.  It is thinking that you are left to work out your issues alone because on a deeper level you do not trust Spirit to come through and save you.

You can’t get answers to your prayers when you are not ready and prepared for the solutions to come forth. You are not ready for the healing you have so desperately prayed for, you still see yourself sick. You are not ready to see things change, even though you say you are. You are not ready for the love and relationships you seek, even though you are lonely.  You are not ready for new jobs, new careers and new opportunity, because you are not prepared to take the necessary risk or do the required work.  You are not ready to have peace and clarity and the answers for the changes you desire.  You are not ready for the real answers and solutions to solve your problems.  Why?  Because you are not ready to do what is necessary within to clear your own inner space to allow the POWER within you to burst through your own pain.

We hold on to the pain even when we know there is light, which is evident when we simply look out the window and see the sun.  Yet, we hold on to our pain, and allow ourselves to suffer as if it is some sort of badge of honor to offer Spirit, as if there is some spiritual sympathy that motivates Spirit to rescue us and solve our issues.  We are not ready for all seek.   We are not ready to live in the exploration of L.I.F.E. and the manifestation of our inheritance.  We are not ready to allow God to BE IN OUR LIVES and LIVE OUR LIVES IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE POWER THAT IS WITHIN US, THAT FIXES AND HEALS EVERY SINGLE ISSUE WE HAVE.  We are not ready, because we are still sulking in our own pain.

Get Up! Be Ready - Dr. Diva VerdunWe are not ready, because when the solutions come we put our faith on the solution and still we have no faith in our own POWER.  We are not ready, because when the relationship we want comes, we put all our pain and issues in the lap of our beloved to fix.  We are not ready, because when the joy we seek is right at our door, we turn away and walk back into our own pain.  We are not ready because when the opportunity for change presents itself we are too afraid to step into the door and take the necessary risk to LIVE.

To have all the things you have been begging, pleading and on bended knee for, you have to get up and know that you deserve them.  You have to stop crying and sit still and go within and ask yourself what you need to fix about you in order to be prepared for the blessing you are requesting.  You have to realize that once you pray and ask for something you can’t simply sit and do nothing. You have to take action preparing the way for the manifestation to come forth because it comes forth through you.

Nothing that happens comes to you by chance, it comes to you through what you believe.  It is always done unto you as you believe.  Thus, if you are busy praying and begging and pleading and crying and being sad and depressed, you are invested in your pain, not in your healing. So how can Spirit move you into a healing when you are not doing the necessary work to uncover the POWER that is within you to allow the healing to come forth?  It all comes to you through you.  It comes right out of your own soul, not out of the sky.

You have to be ready!  You have to get up and stop crying and start cleaning house! You have to get up and look deep within yourself and begin to clear away the crud and mud that has buried your joy.  You have to get up and deal with your pain and your sorrow. You have to get up and look deep at your own behavior patterns and belief systems and begin to make some changes.  You have to get up and look at yourself and see that you have POWER and see that it is demonstrated so greatly in simply the breath you breathe.  You have to get up and prepare the way for the Christ within you to be born in your experience.  You have to get up and KNOW THAT ALL YOU DESIRE IS YOURS.    You have to get up and know that Spirit has already blessed you with every answer, every gift.  The ONLY reason you have not seen the manifestation of your good is because you are not ready.

Get Up! Be Ready - Dr. Diva VerdunGet up!  Be Ready!  Spirit has given it all to you!  Get up!  Be Ready! Forgive and let go of all your pain!  Get up! Be Ready!  Change your thoughts, and change your beliefs and see the change that you seek manifest in your L.I.F.E.   You got to be ready for that which you seek!  You cannot stay the same if you seek something more.  You have to grow.  You have to change.  You have to clear the pain.  You have to release the sadness and the shame and guilt you carry behind what happened to you.  You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and know that L.I.F.E. is not picking on you.

You have to get up and BE READY!  You have work to do. Faith without works is dead. You have to clear the junk up that is covering up your POWER. Clear the old beliefs of victimization and feelings of insufficiency.  You have to get up and know you are the GREATEST POWER in YOUR OWN WORLD. You are a victorious world over-comer because Spirit already showed up. Spirit is already there.

Spirit has already given you the answers you seek.  Spirit has already solved all the problems.  Spirit has already sent the new love.  Spirit has already given you the new job and the change you seek.  Spirit has already given you every single provision you needed and could ever want.  It was all given in the promise at the time of your birth. You inherited the kingdom.  You have to get up and be ready!  You have to get up and clean up your act and work on yourself so that you can come into the awareness of your own truth to know your own POWER.  You have to take each and every trial, tribulation and pain and do the work to find the lessons in them that will open your understanding and deeper knowing about Spirit.

get-up-be-ready-dr-diva-verdunYou were not abandoned.  Spirit did hear you.  Spirit does know every single trial and pain you experience.  Spirit is living within you and waiting for you to BE READY.  To GET UP!  To go within and know your own POWER, so that you can experience the greatest thing you can ever know.  L.I.F.E.

Stop siting and begging God.  You already have all you ever dreamed.  It can only come to you through you.  You got to clear the way for it to come forth. You got to get out of your stuff and stop putting it on other people.  You got to deal with it all within and fix it and heal it.  You got to Get up and BE READY!!!

Get up!!!!



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