Nuturing Yourself is Not Selfish - Dr. Diva Verdun

Nurturing Yourself is Not Selfish

Learning to nurture and take care of ourselves is vital to our own mental and emotional stability. Somewhere along the way we were taught it is better to think of others than it is to think of ourselves. That we are being selfish by putting ourselves ahead of others and that we are supposed to give rather than to receive. Looking at this advice from a rational standpoint does not make sense in any part of the understanding, although we still behave in exactly this manner because we have been programmed to do so.

Its Ok to give to Yourself - Dr. Diva VerdunYou are not being selfish by putting yourself first.  Even in nature animals take care of themselves first before they can assist their young or others.  If they did not they would not be strong enough to drag the kill back or to fight off any potential threats of danger.

As humans, we have been programmed to believe that we must give of ourselves to others and that we are selfish when we think of, or take care of ourselves first.  This is not true in the normal sense of things because if we are not receiving we have nothing to give.

This is the case in love and finance, and generally just about any other aspect of living, as the whole cycle of L.I.F.E. is based on a Divine Flow of consistent giving and receiving.  This is evident in the breath that we breathe, we must inhale, thus we are taking care of ourselves, and when we exhale we are taking care of the plant L.I.F.E that is dependent on the air we provide it, just as we are dependent on the air it provides us.

Self-love is not a narcissistic behavior trait.  It is a natural process of nurturing yourself so that you are not out of balance in giving to others.  It allows you to fill yourself with what is needed so you are in a consistent and natural flow of giving and receiving.  As you practice self-love you are nurturing yourself to rest when you are tired, to love yourself when you feel you need love, to set boundaries so that you are not taken advantage of or used, or simply to indulge in small pleasures that relax you and make you feel good about yourself, like a hot bath, or a massage.

Nuturing Yourself is Not Selfish - Dr. Diva VerdunNurturing yourself means you are OK being you, and you realize that in order to have more to give to others, you must first begin by giving to yourself.  You realize that you can allow yourself the space to process your own pain and ask for the help you need when you need it. It means you realize that you don’t need to burden yourself to fix other people, because you realize that loving and healthy relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself first.

You cannot give to others more than what you have stored up for yourself.  If you do, you are out of balance and end up carrying everyone else’s weight and begin to dip into resentment feeling no one cares about you and the burdens you carry.

Through self-love you begin to balance the nurturing process to nurture yourself into a state of peace, light and love.  You begin to work on yourself to heal your own pain.  When you practice self-love you are empowered to nurture and care for others from a place of internal strength, as you begin to access your own eternal POWER.



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