Spiritual Bonding Relationships - Dr. Diva Verdun

Having a Spiritual Relationship

I overheard a couple having an argument I’m not sure what about, but the man said to her, “You always talkin’ ’bout God. God this and God that… Where’s your God now?” She began to recite scripture and tell him she was going to continue to pray for him.  It is amazing how people use God as a reason to beat up others when they are going through something. They use God, religion or spirituality to gain some type of leverage as the better person by proclaiming that their beloved is a sinner or needs to know God and/or go to church, using religion as a battering ram in their relationship and financial issues.

There are over 4,200 religions in the world. Religion is a collection of belief and cultural systems that relate humanity to spirituality and moral values through various narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories. However, for the most part many people get involved in one spiritual belief system and want to crucify their loved ones for not believing what they believe, and in many cases they have not born spiritual fruit in their own lives to demonstrate that what they believe works.

Spiritual Bonding Relationships - Dr. Diva VerdunTo have a spiritually based relationship one cannot beat the other person up for what they do or do not believe.  Religion tends to coral most people into a philosophy that everyone has to believe the same thing and practice in exactly the same way in order for it to be seen as the perfect path by God. This is not true. We cannot beat up our loved ones for not agreeing with our spiritual paths and practices.

What works for one’s belief system, may not work for another. One may be at a higher or lower frequency spiritually, but that does not mean they are any more or less spiritual than the other person. As well, reciting memorized scripture does not make one more spiritually attuned because they have memorized the text.  True spirituality is about relationship with the Divine from within self.  If we are practicing this relationship, we are open to allow others to find the same gift within themselves at their own level and pace.

Spirit lives in all. We are each born with the POWER of God resident within us.  Each person will find their own level to practice religion in a fashion that brings them the greatest spiritual fruit.  Reciting scripture and telling our loved ones they are sinners while reciting memorized scripture does not weld some magical spiritual power over them.  It actually works the opposite by raising barriers and walls of resentment.

Truly bonding spiritual relationships give each person the space necessary to find their own spiritual path, even if that means both people are practicing different religious dogmas.  The spiritual bond in the relationship emerges from the clearing of our ego as we begin to know the truth of the POWER that lives within, which is what our spiritual practices are designed to teach us.  Once we are at peace and in-tune with ourselves and have begun our own personal walk with Spirit, we are then free of judgment, and allow our beloved to have the space to find their own level spiritually.

As you allow your beloved the space to travel in their own path of awareness, to explore their own spiritual lives, you will find your relationship Spiritually bonding. At this point you will both be fully aware of your Spiritual POWER as you each turn within first before turning on each other.  You will come together in peace and mediation to seek the necessary answers, solutions and resolutions to the issues of L.I.F.E.   You then begin to learn the POWER of the ONE FLESH relationship as you both are at peace and allow love to rise up in your experience through your mutual relationship with Spirit.



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