Who Goes to Heaven Since All People Lie? - Dr. Diva Verdun

Who Goes to Heaven Since All People Lie?

If it were true that liars will not enter the kingdom of heaven from a traditional understanding, would it not mean there would be no one that would go to heaven since there is no person exempt from telling lies?  We miss so much when we don’t go deeper to gather the full meaning of the coded message in the Holy Text.

The Bible must be studied on the deeper level. To simply repeat the message of liars not entering the Kingdom means absolutely no one will enter heaven. So then the question becomes, why is there a need to know Spirit since we can’t get in heaven anyway?  Thus, the whole purpose of the message is lost and so are we.

There is a deeper message than the one we have been traditionally taught on the surface here. The Holy Book is filled with deeper wisdom, it is buried in its code and once we begin to understand the code the book becomes alive with a message of L.I.F.E., not one of damnation.

Who has not told a lie?  White lie, dark lie, any lie is still a lie.  We have all fallen short here, so how can we simply believe the surface level that liars will not enter the kingdom?  Who would then be left to enter in since we all lie?

Asking simple questions like this one prompts us to find the deeper wisdom in the scriptures by unraveling the code. Here are some key words that are part of the biblical code that will help you to begin to find a balance in your Spiritual walk, as you are freed from fear and learn you are here to LIVE.

First we note that the Bible is not always referencing a physical death when it speaks of dying.  We choose L.I.F.E. or choose death daily.  It means we choose to walk in the light of Spirit or in the darkness.  When we choose death we die to the truth of Spirit as we turn away and walk in our ego.

The word Heaven represents a higher state of consciousness. These states are indicative of harmony, wholeness, health, physical well being, happiness etc… As well, the counterpart to this state would be Hell, which  represents lower planes of consciousness, where we are tormented in that which contradicts Spiritual truth.

Sin simply means to make a mistake… thus we are born into sin, which means we are born to make mistakes. One of the mistakes we make is to lie, to cover the truth.  We also place blame, which is shift ourselves from the truth in shame.

The Kingdom is a place of complete peace, strength, and harmony that is found within, deep within our innermost selves. The Kingdom of God further refers to the invisible essence of Reality, governing everything in accord with Divine and harmonious Laws of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Beauty, and Perfect Manifestation.  Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven simply means a consciousness of harmony.

Thus, by understanding the holy text from a deeper level of code vs. the traditional fear based thought we have been taught frees us to fully know Spirit at the deepest and most intimate level in an understanding of Truth as we go within and begin to embrace our own POWER.

So again, when we say liars don’t make it to the kingdom of heaven, you can now see the traditional understanding encompasses all people on the planet, because we have all been found guilty of lies at one point or another.  However, with this new understanding of the Biblical code, we come to realize a deeper meaning that brings us truth and peace in its understanding.  We see that it means that when we lie, we are separated from a state of higher consciousness; happiness, health, wholeness, peace etc… thus, we can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is a place of complete peace, strength and harmony found within.

When you think about it, how tormented are we when we lie?…  So as you can see we are already experiencing the lower states of consciousness, which would then imply we are experiencing living in hell when we are lying.

Love and Light!

~Rev. Dr. Diva Verdun


One thought on “Who Goes to Heaven Since All People Lie?

  1. Profound interpretation 🙂 Because of the enormous concious I have. I do my best not to ever tell lies. However I find myself hiding the truth. Thank you for validating a lie is equivalent to hiding the truth. Ashe’ Point well taken and I’m sure I will enter the pearly gates of Heaven, just as I’m sure yoi are a true angel spiritually sent from heaven. Thank You Ashe’

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