Recognizing the POWER of LOVE Within

We are each created individual and unique, a living emanation of the Divine.  We are God personified living a human experience.  In the process of living we fall and we stumble, but the key to living the fruit of the Spirit is in knowing who we are and realizing the light that lives within.

All the things you experience are part of your growth, both good and bad.  However, to Spirit it is counted as all good, as the negative things you go through are merely there to guide you into the full use of your POWER through a heightened awareness of self.  Everything that you go through, you actually choose to experience on some subconscious level.  You called into your experience either through your fear or through your faith, as they both activate the Universe to produce for you that which you believe, based on the deepest thoughts and beliefs submerged in your subconscious mind. Remember, It is always done unto you as you believe.

Fear is so deeply buried, you may actually be operating on auto-pilot, not even aware that it is there.  You will continue to sabotage all the things that you so dearly want to experience, because you are not aware that you are still harboring fear on some deep subconscious level. To shed light on fear, you must fully embody LOVE.  You are LOVE… There is nothing more for you to BE. There is only for you to grow into the realization of who and what you actually are.  As you begin to embrace the LOVE that you are, you begin to practice self-love and take the steps and measures necessary to go deep within, to discover your deeply buried fears that have become the pillars of your faith.

\The Light Exist within You - Dr. Diva Verdun - http://drdivaphd.comStop allowing fear to become the pillar of your faith.  You may be living on auto-pilot, based on your unconscious awareness of fears that are continue to move you away from actually manifesting that which you truly desire in your experience.  Once you begin to go deep to find what you are really afraid of, you begin to set yourself free to realize the POWER of who you are as LOVE.

You are created in the image and likeness of Spirit. The Light and the Way exist within you.  You intuitively always know exactly what you need to do, but the fear that is buried so deeply always moves you away from the things you should be doing, as you continue to procrastinate on doing the things Spirit has been guiding you to do all along.

Your L.I.F.E. is not designed for you to suffer.  You create suffering because you are not aware of your fears and your pains.  You create suffering because you are not aware of the light that lives within you. You create suffering by refusing to change on the deeper levels, so that you can truly access you own POWER.

Use your trials as an opportunity to point you into the direction of self that needs the deepest and most reflective attention.  As you become aware of this place practice going deep within to peel back the layers that have covered your Spiritual nature to find the jewels of the gift you are as LOVE.  Once you do, begin to practice loving yourself right where you are, and know that it is OK to live, and that the fear and pain you experienced yesterday can no longer hinder you from living the rewards of L.I.F.E. you are about to experience today.

You are love made manifest in all ITs Glory.  Your job is to discover IT.  To experience IT.  To embrace IT.  To be IT.  In doing so, you become IT and IT is automatically shared with others simply by you BEING exactly who you are designed to be. LOVE!!



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