You Manifest at Your Own Level - Is your Faith Full or Half-Empty - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Manifest at the Level of Your Faith – Is it Full or Half-Empty?

When we see the glass as half-empty, we are looking at things from a negative perspective.  We see lack and limitation, and our faith is now in our fear, not in Spirit.  Fear begins to take control of our imagination, setting in a deep subconscious belief that there is never enough.  We see the world through this same filter, accessing every experience as less than what we desire for it to be.  We proclaim there is not enough love, not enough money, not enough time, not enough men or women to date, etc… We see everything through a prism of muddied colors that never seems to be clear enough for us to enjoy the full hues of the rainbow that it refracts.

You Manifest at Your Own Level - Is your Faith Full or Half-Empty - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen you look at L.I.F.E. and your experiences from a consciousness of lack and limitation, you are grounded in a fear based mentality that has dominated your belief system.  Because the Universe is always actively manifesting what you believe on a deep subconscious level, you continue to demonstrate more lack and limitation in your experience in every area, because you can only see the glass as half-empty.

Your L.I.F.E. can only be met at the level of your own faith.  If your faith is in fear, then your level of demonstration can only rise to the level of faith you have in yourself and in L.I.F.E.

Your level of fear is buried so deep, yet it has spilled over to the extent it has created a loop of unconscious habitual thoughts, that you may not aware of.  These negative thoughts are in turn setting your erroneous beliefs in motion to continue to sabotage the experiences you dream of, thereby manifesting the negative experiences you are having.

Remember, it is always done unto you as you believe. Thus, your thoughts set the deepest feeling nature in your subconscious mind, which activates the Universe with a directive to produce for you exactly what you believe, both good and bad.

Your level of faith in fear cannot be simply whisked away by making blind affirmations in one moment and then allowing your mind to fall back into its lazy and familiar cycle of misery and pain. Your mind will continue to recycle the deepest negative beliefs to manufacture the potential problems that you will eventually have to face or are facing.  You must work consciously to find the deepest fear that is setting into action the disappointment and pain you continue to demonstrate.

Coming into the realization of truth that your L.I.F.E. can only be met with the level of faith you posses, means you are becoming aware of your fears that have spilled over into your faith, keeping you in a belief that your glass is half-empty.  You can now begin to go deeper within to discover your fears that can not be sensed on the surface, because they are so deeply rooted that you are operating on auto-pilot.  You can begin to do the mental surgery to isolate fear and root it out.

You Manifest at Your Own Level - Is your Faith Full or Half-Empty - Dr. Diva VerdunThe pain you have buried so deeply must be found because the fear has crystallized around it and prohibits you from your joy.  These deeply fossilized fears must be pulled up and dealt with so that you can change your perspective from one of a glass that is half-empty to begin seeing the glass is actually half-full and refillable.

Go deep within and find your fears that center on very painful and hurtful experiences from childhood trauma and broken hearts.  Find your fear regarding issues of abandonment, failure and feelings of being totally unworthy.  Find your fear of being unlovable and not enough.  Find your fear that is holding you back on a deep subconscious level from moving forward.

Go deep and find your deepest pain, and sorrows brought on by loss and grief.  Find your deepest thoughts that continue to tell you that you can never achieve your goals because you are not this or that. Go deeper and find all the reason your ego continues to hold on to the pain it is so possessively protecting.

You are Spirit having a human experience, and a human experience is guided by pain. Move your ego out-of-the-way so you can clear the pain and find the treasure in the lesson it has been holding for you.

You are responsible for your own growth, and likewise only you can pluck out the fear that prohibits you from dealing with your pain.  Self-mastery takes supreme courage, because you must have the strength to go within and touch the yuckiest areas of your own psyche to uproot the negative emotions, feelings and crystallized beliefs and deal with them head on.  Once you do, your affirmations will have fertile ground upon which to come to rest and will take root within you changing your deepest subconscious beliefs from one of fear to one of faith.

Seeing your glass as half-full means changing your perspective, by changing your thoughts to see things differently. Once you do, your L.I.F.E. begins to rise to a new level as you elevate your consciousness and guard your thoughts to match the faith you now have in your own POWER.

Your L.I.F.E. experiences can never rise to any level higher than your faith.  DO NOT let your levels be set by your fears.  Your glass is constantly refilled by your Source. It can never ever be empty.



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