Be Present in Your Own L.I.F.E. - Dr. Diva Verdun

Be Present in Your Own L.I.F.E.

Starting a new experience means leaving old painful experiences where they belong; as memories.  We have to stop packing our pains and scars up and bringing them with us.  They are unnecessary baggage that simply weights us down, and makes our new experiences miserable, just like the old ones. Simply having the intention to start out fresh and to do things different is not enough.  You have to actually commit!  It means taking control of your L.I.F.E. to make it be what you want it to be by dealing with issues of feeling like you are less than you are, or not capable of being better, and blaming others for the things that happened to you.

Your L.I.F.E. is what you decide you want to make it be.  Thus, if you are miserable and suffering, it is because you chose you to sit in the pain, rather than to face it and actually process it for the lesson it provides.  Once you process your pain you can put it behind you. You can store it in your vault of memories for future reference if necessary.  By dragging the pain around day after day and year after year, you are simply giving lip service to your desire to live a different type of L.I.F.E.

Be Present in Your Own L.I.F.E. - Dr. Diva Verdun You have to get up and be present in your own L.I.F.E. You can’t focus on the one or two people that treated you wrong, misused you, abused you, took advantage of you or broke your heart. Get up and be present NOW!  Stop leaving your body all alone in the present moment, while your mind is stuck in the past.  Your body is doing its job to be present, why aren’t you? You have to stop being dead inside, dead to L.I.F.E., which means you are living in fear.

You are here to live an abundant L.I.F.E., it was promised to you.  However, you were also warned that there would be trials and tribulations as well.

Trials and tribulations are merely test of your faith. They are designed to guide you through a particular experience, which directs you back to the source of your POWER.  As you go through a process you have a choice to either suffer or sit in the silence and seek the still small voice, which empowers your soul, gives you strength, and the answers and the understanding you need when you are going through something.  If you choose not to do so, you have elected to use the experience for suffering instead of empowerment.

Suffering is a choice.  You are not here to suffer. You are here to learn more about how to use your POWER.  Like a small child that touches the stove, that has no clue what hot means, you have no clue what some of the issues will be when you first enter the scenario. You learn from pain, just as the small child learned what hot means when they touched the stove. You learn what you like and don’t like, what causes pain and disappointment etc…

When you hold on to your pain you are not able to move forward into your POWER because your pain is what brings forth greater awareness.  The faster you get the lesson, the less suffering you experience. Your pain broadens your awareness making you capable of reasoning, so that you can navigate your way through future experiences.

To live a new experience you have to demonstrate your faith, your faith in Spirit and your faith in yourself. You do this by looking at your issues and pains and facing them and standing up to address your personal character flaws so that you can modulate your L.I.F.E.  You can either turn up L.I.F.E. and Live, or turn down L.I.F.E. and suffer.



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