You have the Potential to Do Anything - Dr. Diva Verdun -

The Power of Your Potential

We all have potential.  It is a deep something that is resident in each and every one of us.  We see it in others and want to support them in finding it within themselves.  However, potential is nothing until we believe in it for ourselves.  It does not matter how much anyone else can see it.  We still must see it, believe in it, activate it, and exercise it, to mold it into what we dream for our own lives ourselves.

The Power of Your Potential - Dr. Diva Verdun - http://drdivaphd.comYou have to believe in your own potential.  You have to know it is there and want to activate it to come alive within you, so that you can develop it into the manifestation of your own GREATness.  Simply, saying you have potential takes you no where and does nothing for you unless you get up and take advantage of the potential you have.

You have a light that is so deep within you that is capable of being, but not yet in existence.  It is latent within you, filled with possibility, capability and great POWER.  Potential exist throughout the Universe as an Inherent Possibility.  It is up to you to take this energy and mold it into the L.I.F.E. you want to live.

The Universe ITself exist as Inherent Possibility.  IT is bursting with potential to create and become anything that IT desires to BE.  This same POWER is within you awaiting your awakening and realization.  You are the only one that can realize it is there for yourself.

The Power of Your Potential - Dr. Diva VerdunNo matter how much others see this POWER within you, if you do not see it within yourself, it simply will remain dormant no matter what it is you try or do.  You must see the possibility you are.  You must see the power that lives within you.  You must activate it in your own L.I.F.E. and step up over your fears into the possibility zone to exercise your right to mold your potential into the Greatness only you can dream of yourself BEING.

You are here to do great things.  You are not here to suffer through L.I.F.E. or to be a victim sitting waiting for someone to help you or to recognize you.  You are here to live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly, and this promise includes all things from joy, to love and finances. It is the great Inherent Possibility, the Potential, the POWER OF GOD that lives within you that grants you the right to exercise this birthright.

Your potential means nothing if you do not activate it, exercise it, develop it and use it to step into your dreams.  It is a step-by-step process as you awaken into the truth of your own BEING.  How many people have you heard say you have great potential?  You need only believe in yourself and step into the possibility that you are and become that which you were born to be.

You have GREATness living within you.  Your potential is laying dormant awaiting the eruption of your own consciousness.  It is awaiting your recognition of who you are and the POWER that you embody.  It is awaiting your wake-up call to step-up and activate your dreams.  You are here to live…

So what if you can’t read? You have the potential to read. So what if you don’t have money right now? You have the potential to make money? So what you don’t have a love interest? You have the potential of great love.  So what you don’t have a job? You have the potential to become trained at a higher skill level to get a better paying job.

You have the potential within you, the Inherent Possibility to become anything and do anything that you desire to do or become.  Nothing can stop you once you open up to your Potential and activate your own POWER.

Your Potential is waiting for you to wake-up and take action to LIVE YOUR POWER and MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS!



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