You Never Walk Alone - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Never Walk Alone

While you may go through so much in L.I.F.E., you are never alone to walk through your issues.  The POWER of the PRESENCE walks beside you, and lives within you, listening to your cry and wiping off your tears.  You may feel you are going through something all alone, but you are never ever alone.  You may experience being by yourself, but this period is necessary to invest in quality time to process the necessary guidance that comes from within, which will catapult you into the new experience you have been praying for.

We refer to Spirit as the OMNI – the All, the Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence, however we only see Spirit as the OMNI, when we are in formal spiritual fellowship, not when we are alone in our own trials.  We tend to see Spirit as some entity on a cloud that we have to display a certain pattern of behavior to in order to receive some far away blessing.  We see Spirit as outside of us somewhere unreachable and unattainable.  However, Spirit is never further from you than your very own BREATH.

You Never Walk Alone - Dr. Diva VerdunThe very breath of L.I.F.E. is Spirit moving in and out and through you.  The simple breathe that you inhale is the very PRESENCE of the DIVINE within you, OMNI, ALL, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence.  You can never walk alone through any challenge.  You can never walk alone through any adversity.  You can never walk alone through any hardship or pain.  The OMNI – ALL POWERFUL PRESENCE lives within you and is also walking alongside of you.

… I am with you always; even unto the end of the world. ~Matthew 28:20

The biggest challenge you face is not your trials, but learning to use self-mastery to quiet your mind so that you can go to a peaceful place in the midst of the greatest adversity to hear the still small voice within you guide you into the still waters and green pastures that you seek.  You can never walk alone, because there is a POWER that lives within you that gives you the GREATest capacity to move your L.I.F.E. directly into the direction of growth and move you out of pain and disappointment.

You do not walk alone, even when you are alone.  Spirit is there with you helping you layout a new plan, giving you new ideas, and sharing new insight that take you to the greatest heights.  .

Stop being so invested in the pain and the trials of L.I.F.E. and see them as opportunities to explore the Divine within you through self-mastery to begin manifesting the things you desire to experience.  Your high council is always within you. Always walking alongside of you.  Always there to guide you and protect you.

Get still and keep walking…  You do not walk alone.   You have a shoulder that is always there to cry on.  You have a hand that is always there ready to pull you back up when you fall.  Trust Spirit.!



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