The Time It Takes is the Time Spirit Needs - Dr. Diva Verdun

The Time It Takes is the Time Spirit Needs

Many times we ask Spirit for something in prayer and we are too impatient to allow the necessary time for the manifestation of that which we are asking for.  So we jump ahead of ourselves delaying our good. Because the blessing does not happen overnight does not mean it is not coming forth.  Sometimes there are many things that have to be cleared out, wiped away or healed and prepared, before the blessing you seek can manifest in your experience.

Your miracle is always at hand.  Your healing, financial blessing, or the loved one you seek is always in process moving forward to you.  Sometimes you have to simply stop the cycle of negative thoughts that drive premature actions that delay the manifestation of that which you are praying for.

Patience is a virtue because in the act of patience the perfect work is being processed to bring forth your good.  If you allow the necessary timing, time will heal all and bring all.  There are many things that must be set in alignment so that the work that Spirit is doing to bring forth your request is perfected.  There may people who must be cleared, changed or healed in your experience.  There may be situations that may need to be resolved in other people’s lives or in business ventures etc…  There is a massive web of intricate intersections between so many variables that must be worked through in order for your manifestation to come forth as the perfect work.

The Time It Takes is the Time Spirit Needs - Dr. Diva VerdunIn your impatience you may pull the plug on the blessing that you have requested in prayer.  You may prematurely make the wrong move, make a call, or say the wrong things in your attempt to control the process, which actually derails the perfect work of Spirit and puts everything back into your hands to fix on your own accord. This means the work is not perfected and that you will find more pain and suffering through the process as you continue to control the outcome because of your own fear, which squeezes patience out of the equation.

Whatever you are praying for, healing, finances, relationships, resolutions to issues and problems etc…, you must be steady in your faith and believe that what you have prayed for is already yours.  Once you know it is yours, you must quiet your mind and let it go and allow patience to work its perfect work in your situation so that you will be wanting of no thing.

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. ~James 1:4

You pull the plug on your blessings more times than not simply because your fear pushes you to worry about the manifestation of the outcome.  You allow your mind to second guess what you personally should be doing to fix something, especially when you know you can’t fix it through your own hands alone.  Yet, you move to assist Spirit by getting in the middle to control the outcome by meddling in the process.

Once you pray, let it go and KNOW.  It takes supreme discipline to simply be OK with the process and know that Spirit is working it out in your highest and greatest good.  It takes patience to allow the perfect work to bring forth the desired results.

If you want change, healing, money, love or any other good thing to manifest in your experience, you have to know that when you pray for it Spirit is on top of it and already working to bring it forth to you.  Your job is to exercise self-mastery by taking your mind off the process and the timing of the manifestation. You must stop the second guessing game and the what if questions.  You simply have to stop the cycle of non-sense that is going through your mind and know that the time that it takes is the time that Spirit needs to work out all the details in perfection of your highest and greatest good, in the highest and greatest good for you and all those involved in the fullness of the process.

The time it takes, is the time that Spirit needs to work it all through for you.  Stop being in the middle of the process.  You delay your good, or worse walk right back into the trap of the problem you are attempting to escape or resolve, because you are not disciplined enough to simply be patient.  Let patience have her perfect work, because in the moment that you do all is perfected on your behalf, and you will no longer find yourself in want of any good thing.



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