You Cannot Break - Dr. Diva Verdun

You Can Not Break

Sometimes the things we experience take us down so low that we may feel broken.  We look at ourselves as broken. We see our hearts as broken.  Our finances as broken.  We say we have broken friendships, broken contracts etc…  Everything about our whole experience of L.I.F.E. seems to be broken. This is because we have elected to look at L.I.F.E. through broken glasses.  The truth is that the only thing that is truly broken is your ego. Your feelings hurt, and you may feel taken advantage of, or have lost something that you felt you needed or wanted, but in actuality there is nothing that is ever truly broken because you were born perfectly whole and complete.

You Cannot Break - Dr. Diva VerdunWhile you may feel broken, you were born as a perfect emanation of Spirit and created with a Spiritual Glue that has great flexibility. You can never be less than whole because that is how you were created.  You can bend in each and every circumstance and situation. You may bend in half, but still you will not break, no matter how low you may feel you are.  It is at the point that you have been stretched the most that you have enough flexibility to be catapulted back into a new experience with more than you ever thought possible before.

The problem with broken thinking is that you don’t see that you are being stretched.  You don’t see that everything that seems broken, is merely an opportunity to stretch you past a painful event into something bigger and greater that is waiting for you.

You Cannot Break - Dr. Diva VerdunL.I.F.E. is about change.  You cannot stay the same person you were yesterday. It does not work for today. You had to grow from being a little child into the adult you are.  You had to allow change to happen in your mind so that you would be able to grow mentally.  The problem with being an adult is we get so complacent in the place we are in mind that we do not allow change to simply happen.  We are not open to change.  So L.I.F.E. will force the necessary changes we need because IT is always expanding and growing.  Thus, to expand you may find yourself feeling broken, because you have not expanded your mind into the fullness of who you are growing into.

You have to let go in order to see your flexibility over being broken.  Even when your heart aches the most, you are not broken.  You simply are moving through an emotional healing space that allows you to take the pain you feel and use it to learn more about the POWER you are.  You feel the pain because your ego feels offended, victimized, used, etc…  However, as you begin to truly face the pain you feel and look at all the mirrors that exist in your situation you will see the reflections of where you need to make the necessary adjustments in your own behaviors and thinking in order to grow into the full experience you desire.

You can never truly be broken, no matter how much you feel you are.  You can not break, you are made of God stuff.  You are destined to heal mentally, physically and emotionally.  You cannot be broken, just momentarily out of commission while you make the necessary adjustments in mind to allow your healing to take place.

You Cannot Break - Dr. Diva VerdunAs you begin to evolve into self-mastery, you will find yourself open to use the times you feel broken to go deep within to analyze yourself.  You will begin to find the areas that you need to improve upon.  As you move through the process, you discover the healing comes faster and that you are equipped with more information, wisdom and guidance to move in a new direction to live the L.I.F.E. of your dreams.

You cannot break, even though you may feel broken.  You have Spiritual Glue that holds you together.  You can bend past the breaking point and spring back in the other direction with more POWER than you ever had before.  You are designed with a self-healing mechanism that never allows you to be broken, only momentarily down for self-maintenance.

Get up and look deep into your pain and see the treasure of a lesson that is hidden within the folds of the darkness within. You are not here to live a broken existence.  You are here to Live L.I.F.E. and to live it more abundantly.  Temporary maintenance is merely necessary to make the adjustments you need to move you into your GREATness.



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