Let Go and Grow - Dr. Diva Verdun

Let Go and Grow

So many times we fall into situations that we feel stuck or in a rut. No matter how much we pray things seem to stay the same, and in some cases they may even get worse. In these times the last thing we really want to hear is anything more about God, Spirit or prayer.  We don’t want to be patronized with the typical “hold on, God won’t put more on you than you can bear” either.  What we really want is relief, answers and resolutions to the mess we are in. The good news is that it is actually coming forward.  The key is staying your mind on the blessing and not on the problem.

While you may feel stuck or in a rut, it is in this exact place that you are laying the foundation in an intricate process that will bring forth the very relief you seek.  You are not in a rut, you are moving through a lesson and a process that will bring you into the exact knowledge and wisdom necessary to catapult you forward into your blessing.

Let Go and Grow - Dr. Diva VerdunOnce you begin looking at your dark times as lessons and explore them deeply, you will find they hold a treasure, which is the guidance, wisdom and resources you seek to move forward. As you continue to practice self-mastery, you will see the pain itself pushing you directly into the blessing that is buried in the secrets of the darkest folds of your pain.

The pain of your trials is a process of birth. You are in labor to give birth to a totally new experience, which demands a totally new way of thinking.  As you begin to mature into the realization of your own POWER, you begin to understand that you experience trials and dark times because change is necessary to move you forward in your experience.

There is no L.I.F.E. without change. In accepting change, you accept and expect the trials to come, but you also begin to use self-mastery to quickly process the pain it brings to dig deep within to find the necessary answers, wisdom and guidance that birth the new you in the process.  You are shedding the old you and stepping into the new person you are becoming.  You accept and expect the pain.  You quickly move into it so that you can grow, rather than choosing to suffer through a process by wishing and begging God for answers that are already resident within you. You become fully aware that all your help comes from within because that is where the answer are.

Letting go to grow means you are taking your own Spirituality to a higher plane by knowing you are filled with a POWER that can bear all, so there is absolutely no weight for you to carry.  There is only the work necessary to process the lesson to move into the blessing.

You are not in a rut, you are in the womb of a new beginning.  Get excited about your new beginning.  Get excited about the pain because you know that it is there simply to push you into digging deep so that you can grow into the bigger blessing that is coming forward.  You have to let go of that which is past, dead and gone in your experience.  It is over.  It is time to move forward, through your pain and into the new beginning.  The pain will subside as you face it and dig deep and go within.  Let go and Grow!



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