Focus Forward - Dr. Diva Verdun

Focus Forward

We have the hardest time looking forward because we are so focused on the past.  We see everything that happened to us and all that is wrong with everything and sit and contemplate why more bad will happen in the future based on the past we have already experienced.  We are not training ourselves to focus on anything positive going forward because we are to focused on the pain and disappointments of today.

Focus Forward - Dr. Diva VerdunTo practice focusing forward, you have to look deep into the pains and disappointments you have suffered and know that what you have come through was designed to empower you to not go through the same thing tomorrow.  What you lived through yesterday does not set the president for today.  It merely sets you up to steer clear of the same traps that got you into the trouble you experienced yesterday.  To focus forward you have to take those pains and disappointments and package them into your book of L.I.F.E.™ lessons.  Once you do you can move forward into a totally different experience.

Sadly, the hardest and most difficult thing to do is to deal with the pain of yesterday and see it for the value it brought forth today. You may continue to live in yesterday’s pain and see it as the ceiling for tomorrow’s experience, better to use it as the spring hinge to move you into a totally new experience.

By focusing on your pain, you are staying stuck in the past.  You have not adjusted and processed the experience to correctly use the filter. Your pain is designed to guide and teach you how to move into a higher dynamic of living. Pain is not there to keep you shackled.  The key is not the pain, it is the process itself.  As you move deep into the process of shifting through your pain, you come into new awareness and new enlightenment of truth that is designed to empower you to win tomorrow.  When you get it, you got it and you don’t need to go back over the process again. So there is no need to fear the same pain. Once you let go of the fear of the same pain, you can begin to focus forward.

To focus forward you realize that today’s pain is tomorrow’s instruction.  You have used the pain to decipher a code that brought you into a new level of enlightenment and you are prepared to move forward into the dynamic of a new day, equipped with the necessary wisdom to continue moving forward to live the fullness of L.I.F.E.™.   You are prepared to move your focus forward so that you are living a NOW experience as you continue to process new lessons and find they are an intricate puzzle that continues to unfold into what you call your L.I.F.E.™ journey.



Click here for a prayer treatment to focus forward.


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