Opening the Pathway for Love - Dr. Diva Verdun

Opening the Pathway for Love

Everyone wants to feel they are loved.  Everyone wants to be loved and share love. However, the reason love is so difficult to find, is because one is always looking for love outside of themselves. The most rewarding relationships begin with self-love.  It is through self-love that you remove victimization consciousness, dependency and the desperate need to be loved, clearing the way for the most rewarding relationship with your beloved.

Relationships are such a slippery slope of knotted webs of emotions because the parties that come together have not worked on their individual issues.  They come into the relationship based on raw chemistry and animalistic attraction bringing with them their baggage of hurts and pains that they want their beloved to try on and become the perfect fit for healing years of suffering and loss.

However, the most rewarding relationships begin with the work on self.  Looking deeply into your own baggage you can begin to sort through it and see what no longer serves you.  You can begin to go through it and lighten your own load.  You can look at your hurts and pains from past relationships and begin to deal with them head on.  Until you do, you will never be able to purchase new luggage to begin packing up some wonderful and harmonious memories with your new love.

Opening the Pathway for Love - Dr. Diva VerdunThe real work in a relationship is the work you do on self.  It is the self-evaluations you sit and contemplate to find your deepest childhood wounds and scars that have evolved over time wreaking havoc on every relationship you get involved in.  When you can sit and look all the way back through your past, you will begin to find the fine line that has hindered or blocked you from reaching the golden ring in your relationships.

Until you deal with your own scars and emotional issues, you will never find Mr/Mrs Right because you have not become right within your own soul.  Thus, each relationship you enter will continue to play out with the same pattern of failure until you begin to see the lesson these relationships have locked in the pain you experienced.

Childhood trauma, broken hearts, betrayal and disappointments must be resolved within.  Self-love must become the emphasis for your own survival, not the dependent need for love outside of yourself.  You will never find anything more than a temporary fix to what ails you as new relationships  continue to begin with great wonder and chemistry and quickly slide back into the familiar and stale pattern of feelings of being unlovable. To break this pattern you must resolve to find love within self first.

Emotional scars, from childhood trauma, broken hearts, betrayal and disappointments can be buried so deeply that you may not even be aware that they actually are sabotaging each and every opportunity for happiness in a relationship.  It takes courage to look deep within and weed out the issues that have been lodged in the pain, shame, guilt and feelings of being abandoned and unloved.  It takes courage to take the responsibility for the emotional issues that you have allowed to creep in the shadows of your experience.  It takes courage to face yourself and forgive those that hurt you and let go.  It takes courage to finally step-up into the freedom of your own POWER.

Once you become disciplined to take full responsibility for your own emotions you have entered the self-mastery process.  Once you enter the self-mastery process you begin to dig deeper within to find the lessons in your own pain.  Through the lessons you find resident within your own pain, you begin to release resentment and forgive those that hurt you.  At this point, you step into the wonderful and dynamic experience of loving self.  Once you being the self-love process you charge the atmosphere around you with a new energy that directly attracts to you healthy and POWERfully rewarding relationships.



Click here for a Prayer Treatment of move into self-mastery and self-love. 


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