No Longer Trapped - Overcoming Feeling Powerless - Dr. Diva Verdun

No Longer Trapped – Overcoming Feeling Powerless

Many times in L.I.F.E.™ you may feel trapped.  You may feel stuck and powerless.  Things simply seem to keep spiraling downward until you feel you have no way out of your situation or circumstance.  You feel trapped. You may even feel caged with little hope of ever-changing the problem.  This is because you have allowed the problem to become the experience instead of the lesson.  You have become so focused on the problem that you have given it power over you.

Feeling trapped may be the result of taking risk that didn’t pay off. It may be the result of being in toxic relationships that you don’t know how to get out of.  It may be the job that you feel is draining you and going nowhere.  It may be the result of grief and emotional trauma or financial issues.  No matter what problems you are experiencing that make you feel trapped, caged, stuck and powerless, you must first embrace the problem. By accepting and acknowledging the reality of the pain you experience for what it is, you begin to deal with the emotional distress that surrounds you to take back your POWER.

When you feel trapped you are up against a wall where you finally have to actually deal with your own internal issues that got you into the mess you are experiencing.  You have to look deep within and see where you are doing the same things all the time looking for a different result.

To overcome feelings of powerlessness or feeling trapped you must be prepared to face the reality of your own despair.  You must be ready to end the spiral that results from focusing on the problem and basking in the pain. You must be ready to end the suffering it is causing you to begin to embark on true and permanent resolutions that move you back into living your joy.

You begin to realize that focusing on the problem is the problem and you begin to analyze it to understand why it exist in your experience on a deeper level.  You begin to explore your own behavior patterns and thoughts that continue to bring you back into the same feelings of powerlessness.  You see where you have contributed to your own suffering through your own fear of change.  You begin to deal with your own emotions and sit with your problem to explore the actual lesson that it is trying to teach you.

No Longer Trapped - Overcoming Feeling Powerless - Dr. Diva Verdun You always have an escape route.  You are never truly trapped, stuck or powerless over any part of your L.I.F.E.™. You have a POWER that resides within you that is prepared to assist you in changing your L.I.F.E.™ to anything you wish to experience. You have an internal escape route that is always available to you.

Through the use of self-mastery and self-love you embark upon the internal journey that takes you into the deeper reflection of self to do the deeper work to make your own self adjustments so that you can change your thinking, behaviors and beliefs as you begin to accept your own faults and take blame for your own missteps.

The truth of feeling trapped is that you got yourself in the deeper mess you feel stuck in.  Now you are faced with doing the necessary work to find the POWER that is resident within you to get you out of it.

You are a BUILDER, A CREATOR and this includes Building and Creating your own L.I.F.E.™.  However, in order to build anything you have to clear away the debris and lay a solid foundation in order to erect a new structure.  Getting unstuck and removing the feelings of being trapped means you have to do some very deep work to clear some issues that may be so deeply rooted you never realized they were there.

When you feel trapped, you have been caged so you can sit still and finally fix the actual issues that continue to generate problems in your experience.  That means dealing with your own pain and feelings of unworthiness. Begin to go within and ask yourself the hard questions to find out why you keep moving in the directions you do, so you can make the necessary changes to move forward.  Ask yourself why you make the decisions you make, and why you feel the desperation to do the things you do that result in the disappointment you are currently manifesting in your experience. When you get the answer, then fix the problem.



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