Begin With the End in Mind and Stay Fixed On It Until You Win

You have a vision or dream of something you want to accomplish in your experience.  You see the idea of something that you really want and then suddenly a pile of dirt or mud is piled on top of this perfect vision you are holding in mind.  It is the mud of negative thoughts that bring up visions of why you can’t achieve or have what you desire in your experience.  What you see in mind is now a smudge of challenges, problems, lack and limitation, and all the many reasons and excuses of why you can not achieve or have that which you truly desire. Where you began with a great vision you allowed the smudge to become the end in mind.

When you focus on why you can’t achieve or can’t have that which you dream or desire, you are programming your subconscious mind to sabotage the reality of L.I.F.E.™ that you truly desire.  It is always done unto you as you believe.  You must begin to take what you envision and push it back through the smudge and mud of negative thinking to stay fast on the vision you desire to experience.  You must begin with the end in mind and staying fixed on it until you win.

The reason you are not able to accomplish your dreams is totally mental.  You can’t chart your goals, vision or be positive about moving forward until you clear your negative energy and change your focus.  Your focus has to be on the results, not on the issues you will face to realize the dream.  The issues, challenges, problems and situations you find yourself in are merely par the course to carve a new path to get to the accomplishments you seek.  Getting stuck in the problems means you are focused on the problems not on the end result.

Begin With the End in Mind and Stay Fixed On It Until You Win - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen you focus on why something can’t or won’t work, you are basically creating a vision field of problems.  You are invested in the fear of failure, so you create in mind all the reasons why you would fail. You begin seeing the end as disappointment and failure rather than seeing it as the success you truly wish to experience. You put your hopes on hold, while your subconscious mind is focused on the issues and problems themselves instead of resolutions and solutions to attain the goal you desire.

The people who achieve the most are the ones that go deep within their own minds to weed out the issues that hold them back and then begin to set new intentions.  They begin with the end they truly desire set in mind.  They see themselves attaining the dream and overcoming any challenges to get there.  They do not see failure, they only see and feel the result of the dream.  They see their desired end in mind, not the challenges that they may experience to attain it.

Take your focus off your problems, your pain, your troubles, your failures and all the stuff that has seemed to hold you back.  Take your mind off your lack of income, resources, education or connections and put all your focus on the dream itself.  Hold the picture of the dream no matter how much dirt gets thrown on it, keep wiping the vision in your mind clean and stay focused on the end result you desire and not the problem.  Begin with the end you desire in mind and hold on until you win.



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