Overcoming Flypaper Living - Dr. Diva Verdun

Overcoming Flypaper Living

At times you may find yourself living L.I.F.E.™ like a fly stuck on flypaper. No matter how hard you struggle, you may feel stuck like you are simply going nowhere.   You may get caught up in something that bothers you or brings you down. You may have lost your job or career. You may have a broken relationship or home.  You may have a financial crisis that has lingered for so long that you feel you will never get back on your feet.  For whatever reason, whatever you are going through, you are not stuck in L.I.F.E.™, you are stuck in fear.

Getting Unstuck - Dr. Diva Verdundr diva, dr diva verdun, diva verdun, drdivaphd, divaverdun.com, drdivaphd.comFeeling stuck in your situation can cause feelings of anger and resentment, bringing with it depression and lack of trust in self and in others.  You may begin to lose faith, even in God, and in some cases, feel you are simply doomed to live the experience you are in for whatever reason.

This is simply not true.  You are here to live an abundant L.I.F.E.™. You simply are stuck in the cycle of your own crisis thinking, which means you are more focused on your fears than on living, even though you want your L.I.F.E.™ to actually change.

The funny thing about fear is that it can be so sneaky that you may not even realize that you are stuck in it.  You may have been operating on autopilot so long that you simply feel that everything is normal.  It is the world and everyone in it that is the blame in your own eyes.  This is fear misdirecting your thoughts so that you are not looking within to see where the fear is actually coming from.

When you are stuck in your own fears, you can’t see past the problems.  You can’t see past the disappointments and the pain.  You can’t even see yourself ever getting out of the mess you are in.  You are totally immersed in flypaper living.  You are stuck in a sticky cycle of fear that will not allow you to move forward no matter how much you struggle to get free. The key to getting unstuck is to find the underlying fear.

Overcoming feeling stuck (flypaper living) means admitting you feel powerless. ~Dr. Diva Verdun drdivaphd.com divaverdun.com, drdivaphd, drdivaBlaming other people and circumstances for your feelings of being stuck creates deeply seated resentment on top of your fear, which is in essence the very reason you are stuck.  You have trapped yourself into a prison of fears and beliefs that make you critical of yourself and others to the point you feel no amount of effort you put forward is worth your time because you feel your situation is hopeless.  To get unstuck will take disciplined effort, and a will to meet the challenges your ego will put forth to keep you in denial of your own fears and erroneous beliefs that actually hold you back from moving forward.

Ending flypaper living, or getting unstuck means admitting you feel powerless.  It means you are prepared to forgive yourself and others and dig deep within to embrace your anger and resentment.  It means you are ready to face feeling you have lost control of your situation and that you are aware that your POWER to move forward comes from within you.  It means you are prepared to do the necessary work to go within and root out the fear that has kept you stuck as you use the very problems you face as the catalyst to gain strength and resolve to live the abundant experience you deserve.



Click here for a Prayer Treatment to get unstuck and move into the L.I.F.E.


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