True Happiness Starts with Knowing Joy - Dr. Diva Verdun

True Happiness Starts with Knowing Joy

The song says we are always searching for love in all the wrong places, well the same applies to happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. However, happiness fluctuates from moment to moment and seems to always be something to be sought after, and always fleeting and never sustained.  This is because happiness has been tied to external conditions, people, places and things creating an emotion that goes up and down based on the perception of what you feel may not be attainable. Thus, when you have what you want, you are happy. When you don’t, you are not.

Happiness is a choice! You choose to be happy even if you are unconsciously aware of your choice, which means you are literally choosing to be unhappy as well!  It is always a matter of consciously becoming aware and choosing to be in a state of joy so that you are happy with or without attainment of anything, because one will only be temporarily happy with the thing attained until they have in their mind that they are now unhappy again because they now want something else. For example:  you were unhappy because you did not have a car, now that you have a car you are unhappy with the type of car you have, the car payment, or the high cost of gasoline. True happiness is not tied to the attainment of something, it is a state of BEING and KNOWING.

As long as you are looking for people, places and things to make you happy you will always find yourself moved back into a place of being unhappy once you lose the thing or person you desired that you thought would make you happy.  Happiness is an emotion and will fluctuate when it is tied to the things that you want.  Again, true happiness is not tied to the attainment of something, it is a state of BEING and KNOWING.  It is found in the still place of your own soul where you access the foundational POWER that supports it; JOY!!!  If you have not found the well of Joy within, you will find yourself returned to the void in your soul when the people, places and things you thought would bring you the happiness you sought go away.

True Happiness Starts with Knowing Joy - Dr. Diva VerdunJoy comes from the Greek root word chara, which means “to be exceedingly glad”.  To be exceedingly glad comes from an internal peace deep within you that is not moved by the outside circumstances of pleasure and pain.  It is a knowing within you that realizes that no one can make you happy or sad but you. It is a realization of your connection and ONEness with all that IS, and a knowing that you can be happy in the midst of the most dismal experience if you so choose to look at the experience differently.

In the quietness of your own soul is where you find the wealth of Joy that resides within you.  Joy is not dependent on the people, places or things that come and go in your experience.  JOY is never dependent on anything that is external.  It simply exist as the LOVE that is within you.

It is through the love of self that you access Joy and experience the gift of true happiness, even in the midst of crisis and despair. JOY is a POWER within you that overcomes depression and feelings of unhappiness, and the excessive need to have someone or something in your experience to feel whole.

Joy is the realization that you are always whole, and in that wholeness you attract to yourself all that you desire in equal measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.  It is what makes you truly happy and you begin to realize that your happiness is not truly not attached to external stimuli, people, places or things. As you connect to the wealth of Joy within it becomes the channel from which your happiness streams.  You realize the peace of your own BEINGness, and you are truly happy with or without anything that exist outside of you.



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