Stop Sacrificing Your Feelings - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Sacrificing Your Own Feelings

You are not responsible for another person’s feelings, not even if you actually did something to actually hurt them or offend them.  Once you apologize for the injustice you inflicted on another, they are still responsible for healing their own feelings, just as you are responsible for healing yours.

All healing is an internal job. You can administer the band-aid, which is a word of kindness, an apology, or in the case of physical illness, medication.  However, the healing always comes from within emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  These are not things you can do for other people, nor should you feel guilty or imprisoned by their need for healing.

Caring for others is one of the finer lines you walk in your L.I.F.E.™ experience.  While it is good to care for other people, there is a boundary that you must be cautious not to cross where you enter a zone of not taking care for yourself.  You are not here to put your feelings in a glass jar, while walking on eggshells to assure that other people’s feelings are not hurt.

Stop Sacrificing Your Feelings - Dr. Diva VerdunGiving so much of yourself that you are not taking into account your own feelings creates resentment and feelings of being used.  In actuality, you are being used as you have allowed those you care for to become emotional vampires that drain you of all the love and energy you have to give.  In most cases without getting any acknowledgment of care in return.

Being a giving person is natural, but so is receiving.  So people that are on the receiving end of your emotional gift will continue to receive as long as you are giving forth that which you give.  It is up to you to set a boundary to what extent you want to give to those you care about.  Stop worrying about hurting other people’s feelings when you need to take time to care for yourself. You are deserving of your own love and you deserve to receive it first.

As you begin to take care of your own feelings others will begin to give you resistance and will certainly feel hurt, but remember your feelings matter too.  There is no divine ordinance that dictates that you are here to sacrifice your own feelings to keep other people happy. There must be a perfect balance of giving and receiving for both people to feel valued, and this includes being free to give yourself the care and attention you so justly deserve.

Exercise self-love to push past the momentary revolt from others as you begin to exercise your right to change things up a bit so that you can take care of yourself first. You are not being selfish by practicing self-care and self-love. You are freeing yourself of resentment and opening yourself up to be more loving, peaceful and harmonious because you will begin to feel better about you.

Those you love and care for will eventually adjust and begin to align with the boundaries that you are now setting to take care of yourself.  If they do not, remember, you cannot heal their feelings, you can only heal yours. Make the necessary adjustments and take care of yourself anyway and allow Spirit to take care of the rest.



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