Doing the Lord's Work - Dr. Diva Verdun

Doing the Lord’s Work – The Lord Part I

We have so many different religious thoughts about what doing the work of the Lord means.  Many practice a particular dogma and are faithful to their practice. Some are rebellious to a degree of not wanting to have anything to do with the Lord.  However, doing the Lord’s work boils down to ONE very simple and important element. It is simply living and let live. It is living through creative action.

Doing the Lord's Work - Dr. Diva VerdunThe word Lord is a title that we use to reverence God, it is a translation of the general Greek word “Kurios” for master, boss, ruler, owner, or provider used in the New Testament.  The word Lord is also the English translation of the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, the Divine and proper name of God. The Jews considered the Tetragrammaton to sacred to be spoken several centuries before the birth of Jesus and stopped pronouncing it, and began substituting it with the word Lord.

The Lord is the Divine Law, which is the Law of Infinite Good that unfolds in an orderly and perfect manner.  It is the master, ruler, boss and provider of all good. Thus, when you say you are doing the Lord’s work, you are actually referring to your realization and awareness that the Divine Law, The Master, The Provider, the Law of Infinite Good is unfolding in an orderly and perfect manner in your own L.I.F.E.™. It means you are doing the necessary work to be in alignment with your highest and greatest good by keeping your mind clear of negative thoughts and negative energy, because you are focused on the manifestation of good that is always being birthed in the midst of the greatest storms.

Doing the Lord's Work - Dr. Diva VerdunDoing the Lord’s work is not actually a ministerial calling to take care of the needs of others. It is an acknowledgement that you are doing the necessary work to take care of your own needs.  You do not need a ministerial ordination or some formal calling to do the work of the Lord/Law.  The Lord/Divine Law is always in operation, you simply are aligning yourself with IT to allow good to manifest in your experience.  This may sound selfish, but it is not. It is the Lord/Law at work in your L.I.F.E.™.

It is your high calling to take care of yourself. You were born to be self-sustaining.  You must sustain yourself to simply be alive in this experience. This is the Lord’s/Law’s work as the provider, master, ruler of your BEING.  Thus, doing the Lord’s/Law’s work you must fuel your body.  You must nurture your mind.  You must care for your own needs. As you do these things and continue to love the person you are you will be prepared to venture out into the unknown world to explore and discover all the gifts that are awaiting you.

Doing the Lord's Work - Dr. Diva VerdunYou were born with an internal GPS system that keeps you moving forward, which is the desire to always achieve and be more. This is the force that drives you to do the Lord’s/Law’s work.  It is the force that drives you to continue to grow into the full realization of your own POWER. It is the natural guidance system that always steers you through the most savage storms, whether you believe it or not. It is part of you DNA, embedded in your unique and Divine Design.

Doing the Lord’s work simply means that you are fully and creatively engaged in living your L.I.F.E.™. It does not mean you are ministering, witnessing or saving the world.  All of these are very honorable things. However, The Lord/Divine Law can do all of these things without you.  The true core of doing the Lord’s/Law’s work means you are actually going within and rooting out all the negative energy and negative thoughts that you have allowed to creep in to steal, kill and destroy all that the Lord/Law set into action for your highest and greatest good at the time of your birth.



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