Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva Verdun

Waiting on the Lord – The Lord Part II

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunWhen we get religious we forget we have to do the work necessary to manifest change in our experience.  We can not get so religiously sanctified that we simply excuse and bury our fears and laziness by saying “We are Waiting on the Lord”.  Every time we say we are waiting on the Lord for something, the Universe responds with a resounding, “Waiting for What? It is a question we can hear loud and clear in our own heart and soul, even through our own denial.

Excerpt from Doing the Lord’s Work – The Lord Part I

Doing the Lord's Work - Dr. Diva VerdunThe word Lord is a title that we use to reverence God, it is a translation of the general Greek word “Kurios” for master, boss, ruler, owner, or provider used in the New Testament.  The word Lord is also the English translation of the Tetragrammaton, YHWH, the Divine and proper name of God. The Jews considered the Tetragrammaton to sacred to be spoken several centuries before the birth of Jesus and stopped pronouncing it, and began substituting it with the word Lord.

The Lord is Divine LAW, the Law of Infinite Good that unfolds in an orderly and perfect manner.  When you say you are waiting on the Lord, you are saying you are waiting on the LAW.  Law is exact. IT does not wait for anything or anyone to do what it does.  IT is always in action and always performing without ever wavering or changing.  That is why IT is a LAW.

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunTo wait on the Lord/LAW, means you TRUST GOD to perform in your experience as you continue to take action just like you believe and trust gravity, which you can see no more than you can see God.

Gravity is a physical Law, it does not wait to perform, IT simply IS as IT IS.  IT is Law and we trust the LAW of Gravity to always perform as LAW. To wait on the Lord/Divine Law means you have the same confidence and trust in God to perform on your behalf as you do in gravity.  You do not sit still and wait for gravity to do what it does, you simply KNOW it does what it does and you use it in confidence and trust as you continue to take action. You then are waiting, TRUSTING, KNOWING that gravity will perform as you simply walk across a room.

The Lord/DIVINE LAW is exact, just like gravity, always performing as LAW. Never ceasing. Never wavering. Never changing.  IT IS LAW. IT is UNIVERSAL LAW, the Law of Infinite Good, which is always in action unfolding in each and every perfect moment. IT responds to you by manifesting that which you deeply believe.  Remember, it is always done unto you as you believe.  Thus, if you are waiting, sitting still and not taking any action to move forward, IT, the Lord/Divine LAW responds by manifesting more waiting in your experience.

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunDivine Law, Lord, Universe, Spirit is a Law/Lord of action.  IT responds in accordance to what you actually believe. Thus, if you are waiting on the Lord/Law, your belief may be more in fear of something not happening while wishing and hoping for Divine Intervention by the Lord/Law.

The LAW does not intervene, because you have free will and choice. IT is dependent upon your thoughts and beliefs to likewise take action in your individual experience.  IT can only operate as LAW/Lord to provide you with that which you most believe. Thus, you may be still waiting for something because the Law/Lord only responds to your deepest belief, which in the case of non-action may be fear and laziness.

The Holy Text is filled with scriptures that state we are to wait upon the Lord. However, the biggest mistake we make in this interpretation is that we sit and do nothing while waiting for God to show up with a miracle when God is already there.  Imagine waiting for someone to come over and they were at the front door but you never left your bedroom because you were sitting upstairs waiting and never went downstairs to answer the door.  Another example of waiting and not taking action could be waiting for the subway or bus, but never getting up and going to the station or bus stop. You have to take some action in the process of waiting, or trusting God.

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunSpiritually, to wait means you are TRUSTING and KNOWING that the Lord/LAW is always unfolding and taking perfect action to manifest good. It is not a process of physical, mental and spiritual non-action. To wait upon the Lord, means you are waiting, or patiently knowing that the LAW/Lord is manifesting for you in due perfect timing that which you desire because you ARE TAKING SPECIFIC, PLANNED AND CONCISE ACTION.

Waiting on the Lord does not mean you are sitting waiting for a miracle to happen to you. Miracles happen because you get up and take action. Not sit and wait for something to happen. This is the essence of waiting upon the LAW/Lord.  It is Knowing the Lord/Divine LAW is there doing what IT does as you take action.

Those that are being blessed the most do not wait. They exercise their beliefs and KNOW GOD is working on their behalf to manifest their dreams.  They are taking full and effective control over their own lives by waiting, or knowing/trusting the Lord/LAW is actively unfolding good in their lives as they continue to do the necessary work. They are not engaged in making an empty religious statement that they are waiting on the Lord, because they are too busy taking action and being blessed through their trust in God, which is the Spiritual activity of waiting.

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunEvaluate your motivation behind making religious lip service statements like “You are waiting on the Lord”.  Are you denying your fear of moving forward? Are you set in a pattern of laziness and procrastination? Do you lack the discipline to do the necessary work to attain the manifestation you desire?  For example: you can not expect an overnight miracle that you will lose 40 lbs before morning.  No amount of waiting on the Lord/Law will miraculously shed one pound off your body until you determine you will take the action necessary to do the work to lose the weight.  Waiting on the Lord/Law, is trusting and knowing you will lose weight in direct relationship to the work you are willing to do to do so.  This is the effective demonstration of waiting on the Lord/LAW. It is knowing and trusting in Spirit to move the process in your body for the desired result through your disciplined action.

Stop waiting on some miracle to fall from the sky.  It does not manifest this way.  It manifest through what you deeply believe and the actions you take upon those beliefs knowing that the Divine LAW/Lord is always working in your experience as the Infinite Law of Good unfolding in your L.I.F.E.™.

Waiting on the Lord - The Lord Part II - Dr. Diva VerdunThe Lord/DIVINE LAW is waiting on YOU!  Waiting on you to take disciplined action in your experience. Stop using the Lord/LAW as your excuse to wait for your good while you continue to be without. Making religious high remarks does not automate some miracle on your behalf. The Lord/Divine LAW wants to know why you are waiting on IT when IT is infinitely there and always ready to manifest for you your greatest dreams.

The Lord/LAW is the LAW of Infinite Good that manifest in every moment. Get up and take action today to use the LAW effectively to manifest the good you desire to have in your L.I.F.E.™ NOW.



Click here for a prayer treatment to take action and Spiritual wait, which is to trust the Lord/LAW to unfold your good.


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