The Law is Exact - Dr. Diva Verdun

The Law is Exact

We abide by the law because it is exact. There is no grey area when we deal with law. It is what it is. We abide by it, or we break it and pay the consequences. Spiritual LAW set the precedent for all law to work.

There is only Divine Creative Principle, which is Universal Law.  It is through this LAW, which we refer to as YHWH, Creator, God, Intelligence, Presence, that all things manifest. When we comply with the LAW of the Universe we see the fruit we desire in our experience. When we do not, we find ourselves challenged to grow in higher levels of mental awareness of the LAW.

You know gravity to be an exact law and you never question it, yet you may question the Law of Mind, which is God, to be working in your own L.I.F.E.™.

A Spiritual System under Universal Law governs gravity. It is changeless and no matter where you are on the planet it still operates the same.  What goes up will and must come down because it is the Law of Gravity to be exact in how it performs.  Unconsciously, you are always complying with this Law because you KNOW it to always be exact in the way it works.  If you drop something you do not wonder if it will fall. You know it will fall because you are in compliance with the Law of Gravity.

The Law is Exact - Dr. Diva VerdunLike the Law of Gravity, The Law of the Universe is always working in your L.I.F.E.™, even when you are not aware of IT simply because it is LAW.  Just like gravity.  You do not consciously think about gravity working, you simply know deep in your subconscious mind that it works and it continues to do so in each and every moment.

God, the ONE MIND, the LAW of MIND, The Universal Principle that Governs all Law works in your experience regardless of your awareness or not.  It is your awareness of the workings of Spiritual Law in your experience that bring you into the realization of your own POWER to effectuate that which you desire in your experience.

We can begin to understand the Spiritual Universe by rightly understanding the physical one.  Because the Law is always exact, IT can be no less anywhere. IT must be the same everywhere.  Spiritual, physical, and mental laws are actually identical because there is but ONE UNIVERSE, which is Spiritual and all that exist comes forth from the ONE CREATIVE PRINCIPLE, the ONE MIND, again as we commonly refer to IT as YHWH, Creator, God.

The Law is Exact - Dr. Diva VerdunIt is always done unto you as you believe.  By understanding this one basic truth and how it works through Spiritual Law, you can totally change your whole L.I.F.E.™.  This is the realization that all you desire comes to you through the workings of your own mind in connection with Spiritual Law, which is the LAW of MIND.

There is but ONE MIND, the Mind of God, in which you have your full BEING.  By making adjustments to your individual mind, you are changing what you believe, which in turn manifest in your experience as you believe it to be so because the Law is always exact. Thus, it is always being done unto you as you believe, both positively and negatively.

You are ONE with ONE MIND, using the ONE MIND of GOD in an individual and unique manner as you.  You are the co-creator with God, ONE MIND, and you co-create through Mind.  Your ideas come forth through mind and you act upon them to create both good and bad in your experience depending on what you believe.

Once you begin to understand the depth of truth with regard to LAW and the connection it has to MIND; your mind, then you begin to clear the negative thoughts and negative energy to set new pathways of thought that align you with your own truth. In doing so the LAW of the Universe begins to take your new thoughts to manifest experiences for you based on your new direction and you begin to see your L.I.F.E.™ change.

If you believing in bad over good, the LAW is exact and must manifest for you exactly that which you have put into the creative machine. Remember, it is always done unto you as you believe. Change your thoughts and beliefs and know your good is always at hand. See your mistakes and errors as merely guides toward the truth of your BEING and step into your own POWER to demonstrate good in your own experience.

The Law is exact, never changing and provides you with that which you believe.  It will continue to make you right even if it means keeping you stuck in the negative issues that you are experiencing because it is LAW and IT can only operate in exact measure to what you believe.  Change your thinking and change you L.I.F.E.™.



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