You are One-of-a-kind! BE YOU! - Dr. Diva Verdun

You are One-of-a-Kind! BE YOU!

You do not typically think of yourself as unique and special.  This is because society teaches you that you are supposed to fit in.  Shame is the catalyst that is used in our society to assure that you continue to comply with the standards for the masses to fit in and be the same as everyone else.  It works well because once you step out to be different you are ostracized by family, friends and society forcing you to feel something is wrong with you because you are different.  You are supposed to be different. You were specifically created to BE different.

You are One-of-a-kind! BE YOU! - Dr. Diva VerdunYou were not designed to be ashamed of being different.  Society enforces that you be the same as everyone else, but it is not your Divine nature to be the same. You were created different, perfectly individual and unique.  You are not supposed to fit in. You are not a zombie or a puppet. You are a unique emanation of Spirit, here by purposeful design to explore and discover all of L.I.F.E.™.  You are here to grow into your own POWER to live the promise of an abundant experience.

In an effort to fit in, you follow the norms of society.  However, you are not supposed to be normal.  You are supposed to be YOU!  You are a One-of-a-kind original.  There is no one like you. There is no one that will ever be like you.  Everything you do is uniquely different from the way you walk to the way you talk and everything else in between.  You are not here to fit in and be the same as everyone else.

Spirit created you unique because there is a need for the one-of-a-kind individual experience that only you can add to the world through the way you live your L.I.F.E.™.  You touch many people everyday.  You may not feel that you are special or that you have much to add, however, just because you are here, each and every encounter you have with another person is a special and unique experience in itself.  You add something that is different, unique and special to each experience you have.  It is can never be the same as anyone else’s because it is what you bring forth as YOU to the encounter.

You are One-of-a-kind! BE YOU! - Dr. Diva VerdunStop thinking of yourself as someone who is no one.  You are the right one!  YOU ARE YOU!!! You are the right one because you are here.  You are special, unique, individual, and perfectly created in the image of an all loving and all Powerful Creator.  You were specifically crafted for this time, right now to bring forth all that YOU are in this experience.

Spirit designed you and breathed L.I.F.E.™ into your lungs.  You are Spirit’s beautiful design, the beautiful and unique and only ONE YOU!  You do not have to do anything to make Spirit more proud of you than simply be who you are. You do not have to pretend to be someone else, or wish to be different than you are.  You are different and you are exactly who you are supposed to BE.

You were created for GREATness and can grow into anything that YOU DREAM to BE because of the very fabric of who you are.  You are a One-of-a-Kind original so why would Spirit not already be proud of you? You do not have to fit in. You were designed to stick out.  It is OK to be who you are. Stop trying to fit in and work on BEING YOU!



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2 thoughts on “You are One-of-a-Kind! BE YOU!

  1. Again another good read. Love getting these articles every morning. I read them for inspiration and to start off the day on a good note.
    Such a blessing…

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