Stop Guarding a Concrete Slab and seek the lesson - Dr. Diva Verdun -

Are You Guarding A Concrete Slab?

We go through so many painful experiences in L.I.F.E.™ that may leave residual memories that create automated reflexes that we use to guard ourselves from being hurt again. For the most part you are operating on autopilot not even aware that these reflexes are now controlling your actions and reactions. You may become so guarded that you reject a potential opportunity, self-sabotage your goals, or shy away from rewarding new relationships.  You are guarding a concrete slab(old beliefs and attitudes) that you may have laid to protect you at some point and now you have no conscious awareness why you are so guarded. You cannot continue to guard a concrete slab(old beliefs and attitudes) thinking they will protect you from being hurt in the future.  These emotions only serve to block the development of good as you move forward.

Guarding the Concrete Slab – A short story by Sandras Phiri

There is a story about an army barracks that had 4 soldiers on post guarding a concrete slab changing shifts for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for over 80 years.  A new commander was assigned to the barracks and asked why the soldiers guarded the concrete slab. He was told, “We’ve always done it this way. It’s our tradition. Our former commanders instructed us to do that”.

The new commander wanted to find out why, so he went to the archives to look for an answer. He found an old document with instructions by a retired, and now deceased commander that stated the barracks wanted to build a platform where events were to be performed.  Wild animals walked on the concrete at night before the slab would dry. The next day the soldiers fixed it but by evening the same thing would happen.  So the commander ordered 4 soldiers to guard the slab for 3 weeks round the clock until it would dry.

The following week the commander was transferred to another post and the new commander continued to enforce the routine and every new commander always did the same. No commander ever questioned why soldiers were guarding a concrete slab that was never used until 80 years later when the new commander that came in asked why, researched it and made some changes in command.

Stop Guarding a Concrete Slab and seek the lesson - Dr. Diva Verdun - http://drdivaphd.comYou have to stop and question why you are guarding your beliefs, attitudes, pain and fear because in guarding them, you continue to live them over and over again.  You have to stop and look at the way things are happening in your experience and search deep within to find the answers to why you are guarding your own concrete slabs. You have some clean up work to do so that you can open yourself to new experiences.

When you are so guarded to hold on to beliefs and pain that no longer serve you, you are self-sabotaging your own good from manifesting in your experience.  You have elected to stay focused in the L.I.F.E™ you lived yesterday rather than allow yourself to have a new experience of L.I.F.E.™ today.  You have to find the reason why you are so guarded and protective of your pain.  You have to go deep within to find why you need to stand guard to keep your feelings and emotions that hurt you so bad yesterday on the surface of your experience today.

Once you begin self-mastery work, you can go deep within to root out the fear of living that has kept you so guarded that you have subconsciously turned away the new experiences that you deeply desire to live.  You will be able to clear the negative energy and the pain to begin to grow from them as you allow them to teach you more about yourself and how you can use these experiences to carve out the L.I.F.E.™ that you truly desire to live.

You do not have to stand guard to protect your concrete slab of pain, shame, disappointment, negative beliefs and feelings of victimization.  Release your need to hold on to what no longer serves you. It is all stuff that you lived through to grow into the new you.  Use your negative experiences and pain as a stepping stone, because they are a part of your learning experiences that bring you forward into the POWER of who you are. Stop guarding them and allow yourself to fully go within to experience the feelings, fear and pain so that you can be free to live the L.I.F.E.™ you dream as they lay a new foundation for you to build upon.



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