Resistance is Futile - Dr. Diva Verdun

Resistance is Futile!

Resistance is Futile - Dr. Diva Verdun One thing that is inevitable is change.  It will happen whether you want it to or not.  Change is the way all that is becomes what it is, including you.  To resist change is futile. There is no upside to staying the way you are because tomorrow will be vastly different from today.

There can be no growth without change.  A baby can not stay a baby, it must grow.  You will forever be a baby in the Universal whole because you grow and change daily. If you are holding on to thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you because you refuse to change, then you will find yourself missing the most valuable opportunities and experiences that could be taking place in your L.I.F.E.™ right now. You will simply be idling through your experience stagnated by your own refusal to grow.

Resistance to change is rooted in pain and fear of the unknown. You may wish for change, but it cannot happen until you let go and face your fear of what tomorrow may bring.

You may fear the change that something new brings because you do not feel you are in control.  You have become so comfortable in your uncomfortable comfort zone that you would rather stay in the pain that is familiar than move forward into the unknown adventure, which is living your L.I.F.E. ™.

Holding steadfast to issues and problems can never serve you to move forward. You must accept and take responsibility for your situation, face your pain and fear and welcome the opportunities that change will bring you as you move forward.

Resistance is Futile - Dr. Diva Verdun Resisting the force of change grounds you in resentment, and feelings of low self-worth and victimization.  While you are waiting on the world to recognize your pain, the world is busy moving forward in a constant flow of change. You meanwhile, are still stuck living the past over and over in your mind waiting for someone to recognize you hurt or recognize you were treated unfairly.  Your refusal to move forward through a painful experience keeps you stuck reliving the experience over and over and over again in your own mind, while the world is continually moving and evolving.

You cannot allow your mind to be stuck on yesterday’s issues and pain.  You must take a trip deep within your own soul to resolve your own fears and pain so that you can be open to face the bright light of tomorrow with the attitude that change is good.

When you hold on to tightly to yesterday you are missing apparent blessings and opportunities today. You cannot hold a focus on yesterday and process things that are happening in your experience today.  Your mind is either stuck on the past or you are totally aware and living in the present.

Resistance is Futile - Dr. Diva Verdun You may not be willing to change, but your resistance to grow and continue to climb higher in your own experience is cutting short your opportunities to create great Joy in your L.I.F.E.™ now!  Being happy with the person you are means you have accepted all that you have grown through.  You are happy with your own growth in each and every moment and that you realize that you are continually changing and evolving into the GREATness you were born to be.

Resistance is futile. Stop resisting change in your experience. When you begin to agree with change and welcome it, you will find it brings forth for you something better and greater than you had before.  You will begin to enjoy the changes that happen in your experience because you recognize that when you do you are in alignment with Divine and Perfect Order.  Welcome change in a peaceful and joyful acceptance and see the POWER of each blessing it brings forth in your experience.



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