Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Handing the Devil Tools!

Contrary to popular cultural belief, the Devil did not make you do anything. You choose to do everything no matter who or what may influence you, you still choose. Your choice you made may have been wrong, but you knew you were going the wrong way when you decided to make the choice to act or not.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our religiosity that we blame all our shortcomings on the devil. The devil actually has no power outside of persuasion.  You give in to the temptation, suggestion, accusation or negative thought and negative energy and then take action.  The devil cannot penetrate your mind to take control of you, nor are you hog tied and tortured with a branding iron to do anything. You give in of your own free will to negative thoughts and suggestions and then you elect to take action on those thoughts. You can’t blame the devil for being what it is.  It is up to you to make the right choices for yourself.

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunYou have to stop seeing yourself as an innocent, helpless little victim that the devil runs all over.  The devil can not run over you. You are the ONE with the POWER. You were given a Strong Mind and a free will, and you can elect to make either right or wrong choices. The funny thing is that you generally know which choices are wrong and which ones are right.  So how can the devil be responsible for your choice when you are the ONE in control of your own MIND.  No one can control your mind but you.  No one!

You elect to take the risk from making wrong choices.  Generally, these choices are made because you want something so bad you are willing to shortcut, sneak, cheat or do something indifferent to attempt to gain it.  You knew it was wrong when you took the risk.  What did the devil have to do with it after you made the decision?  Nothing!  You can’t blame the devil because you took action. You can’t blame the devil cause you took no action either.

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunYou can’t shortcut any process. Any gain from short cutting a process will be temporary as all processes require a particular time frame to develop and mature.  When you shortcut a process by giving into temptation, negative thoughts, laziness, fear or erroneous suggestion you manifest an unfinished end result or find yourself trying to hold on to something that you have not gotten a firm grasp on.

To simply point blame at the devil does not fix any problems.  The devil is the slanderous one, the one that accuses and points fingers back at you.  So you are merely engaged in a blame game with an entity that has absolutely no power and can not ever help you get back on track.

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunFlip Wilson is credited with making the quote “The Devil Made Me Do It” popular. The devil can not make you do anything. You have the POWER, not the Devil.

~Dr. Diva Verdun

You are not an innocent little victim that is helpless against the vices of the devil.  You have GOD POWER within you.  The devil can only steal, kill and destroy when you allow the negative energy access into your own mind and you take action on it. You have to stop handing the devil tools.

You have to stop your mind from going in cycles worrying about problems and attempting to control other people. Stop putting negative energy out there to hand deliver tools the devil will use to trick you into erroneous actions.

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunFear is not the devil’s tool to hold you back from knowing God, because the truth is, you have never been apart or away from God.  You can’t. You can’t ever be separated from God, because God lives in you.  You can no more separate yourself from God than you can separate yourself from your own heart, lungs or body. They are all a part of you and designed to function fully as you. God lives in you as you and you can not be separate from God either.  You are born of God and in the image and likeness of God, so the devil can do no more than you allow to be done through your own fear and negative thoughts.

If you don’t take action to do something it is fear.  If you took action based on negative motives it is fear.  Fear is not actually a tool of the devil. Fear is a natural reaction for “fight or flight” when you are in danger.  You personally hand fear to the devil as the necessary tool that opens you up to negative thoughts when you are in fear of not having or not getting something you want.

The devil can not bind you in some invisible rope and hold you captive. NO! Your own fears hold you back. They are not the devil’s fears, they are yours.  You can’t blame them on the devil.  The devil merely feeds back to you your fear, which evolves into negative thoughts of things that may happen. You in turn devise your plan based on this fear to take action rather than on your faith in the POWER that resides within to overcome whatever challenge you are facing.  The devil cannot use any tool against you if you don’t hand it the tools.

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunMartin Luther had many enemies. Some were prepared to kill him. One night he heard noises in his room. He lit a candle and checked to see if the doors were locked. As he turned, he saw the devil himself seated in a chair with a wicked smile on his face…

“Oh, it’s only you,” said Luther, who blew out the candle and returned to bed.

While physical enemies may need physical restraints, the only weapon against a spiritual opponent is a refusal to let fear enter your thoughts. Martin Luther knew that, and it is how he overcame the devil.

Jesus was victorious after being tempted of the devil and Job was restored after being tried by the devil, so why are you so weak? Jesus has proclaimed that you can do greater than he, so you therefore have the POWER within you to overcome anything.  Jesus and Job and many others have shown you that it is through your own strong mind and belief in the ONE DIVINE CREATOR that you move free from fear?

Stop Handing the Devil Tools - Dr. Diva VerdunYou cannot continue to blame fear of success, fear of failure, fear of moving forward, fear of living, fear of loss, and any other fear on the devil.  The devil can’t make you do anything. The devil can not make you fearful or force you to do anything.  You were not given the Spirit of Fear, but of POWER and of Love and of a Sound Mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)  So what is the real reason you are sitting in fear?

Stop using the devil as an opportunity to redirect the blame. You can’t blame the devil for fear, because it is not part of you, so you don’t have to accept it as so.  You have great POWER within you and you don’t have to accept unnatural fear.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  James 4:7

Blaming the devil for your lack of having that which you desire, for making you do something, for tempting you, or for putting you in fear and bondage is actually a victimization excuse so that you don’t have to take responsibility for yourself to pull your own L.I.F.E.™ back together.

Job was tried and lost everything, but never once blamed the devil, he simply stayed his focus on the Creator of all Good and refused to see the adversity in his experience as permanent.  He went through much more than many of us will ever go through. Things turned out pretty darn good for Job because he was steeped in his faith, not in his fear.

You can’t simply blame the devil for your fear and shortcomings. Fear is a natural response to danger. Stop engaging in false fear by feeling there may be danger in taking the necessary risk to move your L.I.F.E.™ forward. It’s not the devil’s fault, it is yours.  The devil is doing its job, why are you not doing yours?

The devil has no power over you. NONE! You were born with great POWER to do that which you need to do, to be that which you desire to BE, and no thing, not even the “so-called” devil, can keep you from experiencing your good when you take responsibility for yourself and deal with your own fears.



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