Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine POWER:

I am One with the ONE SUPREME POWER that is God. The Universe does not struggle. IT moves in one consistent and Divinely ordered and perfect process. IT does not question or fight for control of the process. IT simply IS the process and ignites the necessary energy to move through ITs transition to renew L.I.F.E.™.

I realize that L.I.F.E.™ is not about struggling. L.I.F.E.™ ITself knows no struggle. IT only knows L.I.F.E.™, which is an ever changing process that creates necessary stress in order to complete ITs transition.

As I look closely at the smallest and simplest elements of L.I.F.E.™, I realize that what seems to be a struggle is necessary for renewal of L.I.F.E.™ itself.  A seed seems to be struggling to push through the soil to become a plant, but it is not a struggle, it is the expansion of L.I.F.E.™.  A baby seems to be struggling to move through the birth canal to be born, but it is not a struggle, it is the expansion of L.I.F.E.™.  I change my perspective now regarding my challenges and see them as me expanding into greater L.I.F.E.™.

I no longer choose to see myself as struggling. I no longer attempt to control the process of L.I.F.E.™, which is change.  I grow now and move through the process just as a baby moves through the birth canal to be born.  I push myself through and step into my new reality.

I am empowered by changing my thoughts regarding struggling against L.I.F.E.™.  I realize that all change is a transition and in transition the stress is there to push me to exercise my own POWER to push myself into the reality of my new experience.

I am not struggling through L.I.F.E.™, I am transitioning daily.  I am being born anew as I continue to grow into higher levels of awareness of my own POWER.

I am free to push through my experience now.  I am excited to push through and be born anew through my challenges and trials, because I realize that there is no such thing as struggle to the Universe. There is only the transition into ever-increasing higher levels of BEING.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


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