Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed - Dr. Diva Verdun

Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed

Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed - Dr. Diva Verdun The problem with expectancy is it works in the negative as well as the positive. If you are not aware of the thoughts that are cycling in your own mind, you may not even be aware that you are literally expecting to be disappointed more than you expect to be fulfilled in that which you desire to happen.

In more cases than not, you have experienced being disappointed so many times by other people, by things not turning out right or any number of other patterns that seem to happen in your experience.  Each similar situation then is focused on as a potential disappointment based on the previous experience. Thus, while you may wish for a different result you have already set yourself up to be disappointed because you expect disappointment will be the end result anyway.

Expectancy sets forth an action in the Universe through your own mind.  It works based on your deepest belief regarding that which you expect.  Thus, if you simply wish a particular event turn out a certain way, but deep down inside you believe it probably won’t, the result will be the probability of the negative result because it is the deep belief that activates the Universe to bring forth the manifestation that you desire. As it is always done unto you as you believe, the Universe will always accommodate you based on your deepest belief.

Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed - Dr. Diva VerdunYou have to do the deep mental surgery to be truthful with yourself to find the negative belief patterns that keep you in a cycle of disappointment. You have to look within to find the things that have disappointed you in the past and do the mental homework to process the lessons that each one of these experiences came forth to teach you.

As you begin to look deep within to uncover your beliefs regarding your expectancy to be disappointed by your career, your job, your friends, your relationships and your family, you will begin to uncover some form of insecurities that lay buried deep within that continue to remind you of a belief you have set in place of not being worthy enough or good enough to actually have any better.  So even though on the surface you wish for something better to happen, and you have prayed and cried and pleaded, you find yourself still engaged in a cycle of being disappointed because your deepest underlying thought is that you simply are not deserving of anything better.

Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed - Dr. Diva VerdunSpirit will not override the beliefs you have in yourself, in others or in the spiritual or actual physical systems.  You have free will choice and Spirit simply allows you to determine what you want to believe, and as you do moves on the expanse of the Universe to manifest that which you deeply believe in your experience.  Again, this is why it is vital that you firmly understand it is always always done unto you as you believe.

Stop expecting to be disappointed.  Stop it!  Begin to embrace the very fact that you deserve to have all you desire in your experience.  Why?  Because you are here to live L.I.F.E.™ and to live it more abundantly.  If you are always engaged in a subconscious belief system that you will be disappointed in the long run, your expectancy vibration is to low and can only attract to you the height of that which you actually believe, which is in the disappointment of the demonstration you seek.

Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed - Dr. Diva VerdunNo, you will not get everything you want because maybe the timing is not right and things are not in alignment for you to have them manifest in your experience.  However, you will get more of what you desire when you align your thoughts with knowing that you deserve more and plant this seed deep within your own mind.  At this point you will change your expectancy vibration to charge your magnet to attract your good and you will find yourself disappointed on fewer and fewer occasions.

You can only truly expect to have more in your experience when you do the self-mastery work to clear the negative thoughts submerged in your subconscious mind that continue to remind you that you are not good enough or deserve more.  Just because you were disappointed and hurt by something in your past has no bearing on today.



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2 thoughts on “Stop Expecting to Be Disappointed

  1. sooo true, which is why learning to be “aware” of your thought pattern is soo very important. once one identifies which direction thoughts flow when there are no external stimulations, he/she can determine if its flowing positively or negatively, and if the latter, can begin to correct it with practice. love and more love:0) and lite.

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