Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

I am One with the Creator of all that is. This creative fiber of the Universe moves through my mind, body and soul and exist as the Infinite Intelligence within me.

I realize that all that I desire to do stems from the creative POWER that lives within me.  It guides me through my own passion to achieve my dreams.

I realize that it is up to me to BEcome that which I was born to BE.  I must take the initiative to step out of my pain and temporary setbacks and align my mind with the Infinite POWER that lives within me.

I know Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance and Prosperity are all constant in the Universe. I realize that when I am not experiencing them as constant in my own experience my mind is stayed on the opposite of that which Spirit has created for me to enjoy pressed down, running over and in good measure.

I exercise self-mastery to recognize my negative thoughts and stop immediately to change and realign them with my good, knowing that it is always done unto me as I believe.

I release my need to focus on lack and limitation of any kind. I was born to live a fully abundant experience and to live in a constant flow of all good.  I realize that I must train my mind to see what seems to be bad as merely a change in direction as Spirit points me toward my good.

I celebrate my own L.I.F.E.™ knowing that all that I have experienced has brought me into the full measure of who I am in this moment, and I love who I am.

I continue to allow myself the necessary room to grow and unfold into the fullness of my own BEING because I was born GREAT, filled with love and POWER to live the experience called __________. (enter your name here)

I take joy right now in my own BEINGness, knowing that Spirit lives within me and is forever present in each and every moment, through each and every decision I make.

I realize that because Spirit is and has always been there in each and every moment, through each and every decision, I am not making mistakes, simply growing and evolving through my own self-exploration and discovery process.

I love myself, and I am filled with great joy to simply be ME.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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