Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine Intelligence:

I am ONE with the very PRESENCE of God, which permeates all throughout my very BEING.

I realize that it is not my responsibility to change the way other people are or how they think.  The only person I am equipped to change is me. I therefore, choose to act rather than react to the negative intentions, thoughts and energy of those that attempt to mistreat me.

I take action to move myself into a positive mindset when faced with abrasive and negative behavior from others.  I elect to acknowledge their anger and frustration while taking the high road to use their negative energy as my stepping stool to climb higher into a place of peace.

When I am faced with difficult and negative people, I see them through the eyes of love and know that their attempts to break me down are an attempt to make me feel as bad as they do.

I realize that I am in control of my own POWER and I do not have to relinquish it to anyone.  I can use it to stand above the negative energy of difficult people and be at peace within my own skin.

When I am faced with difficult and negative people, I use the opportunity to challenge myself to stand in my GREATness. I no longer allow them to shift my energy down, I shift it upwards into a peaceful overdrive.

I am at peace within and no longer allow other people to move or shake me from the stillness of my own soul.

I walk in love and forgiveness always and allow those that are still searching to find their own way. I realize it is not my job to tell them what decisions they should make or how to go about making them.  It is my job to be still and allow all things to simply BE.

I see nothing good or bad, I only see peace and I am quiet and still in the knowing of the PRESENCE within me, which continues to make each and every way perfect in my experience as I continue to trust Spirit.

I walk in love and I no longer allow others to abuse me.

I am still. I am at peace. I am OK allowing others to BE who they are, good, bad or indifferent as I continue to grow in the awareness of my on POWER.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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