Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite POWER:

Only ONE POWER exist in the Universe, which is GOD. I am ONE with GOD, created in the very essence of LOVE and POWER.

I was not given the spirit of fear, but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind. I therefore take charge of my mind now to stand in LOVE and POWER, releasing all fear and doubt.

I realize that my POWER is precise and that it manifest quickly that which I am focused upon be it fear, lack and limitation; or love, joy, peace and abundance.

I realize that Spirit gave me a Sound Mind so that I am capable of being in control of my thoughts through LOVE of self.

As I move in LOVE of self and LOVE of L.I.F.E.™ I realize there is nothing to fear.

I stay focused on my good, knowing that all that seems to be otherwise is merely a temporary experience presented to challenge me to grow stronger and reach higher.

I take charge of my POWER and LOVE myself fully. I channel my thoughts positively and manifest immediately and exactly that which I desire in my experience.

I have the POWER to turn around each and every seemingly negative situation by simply exercising LOVE and a SOUND MIND.

I stop now and give thanks for all that I am.  I embrace my gifts and my POWER and I stand in LOVE of self, fully empowered with a Sound Mind.

I am grateful for each challenge I experience, knowing it is a gift in itself that brings about even greater rewards as I use it to exercise my own POWER.

I stand now in LOVE of all that is, both good and bad, knowing that there is nothing good nor bad, there simply is that which is now. L.I.F.E.™ is merely a wrapping of lessons that make up my specific journey, designed to lead me into increasing levels of awareness of my own POWER.  I am ONE with the only POWER in the Universe and I have the gift of LOVE, POWER and a SOUND MIND to live the L.I.F.E.™ only I can dream.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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