Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite Intelligence:

There is but ONE POWER, ONE CREATOR, ONE UNIVERSAL ALL BEING, and I am ONE with this perfect presence.

I realize that Spirit is always excited about my L.I.F.E.™.

I know that Spirit is consistently moving in dynamic ways to quickly and immediately unfold before me all that I dream and desire.

I no longer interrupt the miraculous move of Spirit by allowing my mind to circulate negative thoughts, which keep me trapped in negative energy.

I am excited about the move of Spirit in my L.I.F.E.™.

I realize that Spirit is constantly moving within me.

Spirit moves through my very BEING and all that concerns me in a perfect and constant state of healing and growth.

I step into an attitude of gratitude about my very BEINGness and get excited about the very idea of who and what I AM; a SPIRIT BEING having a human experience.

I realize that as a Spirit BEING I am filled with a miraculous POWER that moves mountains with the smallest measure of faith.

I am excited about my POWER and I realize that to begin using IT and living IT I merely need to BE ONE WITH IT.

I realize the POWER of my very thought moves faster than the speed of sound and can manifest instantly both my good and bad as the Universe is no respecter of persons, it simply brings forth that which I am most focused on.

I exercise self-mastery to conquer and control my mind and clear thoughts that limit me.

I realize that Spirit is excited about me all the time. Excited about the prospect of who I am and what I am capable of doing and becoming.

Today, I give thanks for my very BEING and I am grateful for the POWER of Spirit that lives within me.

I take charge of my thoughts and move forward in excitement as I align with Spirit to live L.I.F.E.™ and live it more abundantly.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!


Click Here for the message “God is Always Enthusiastic About Your L.I.F.E.


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