Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine PRESENCE:

There is but ONE POWER in the Universe and I am ONE with this Ever Lasting PRESENCE.

I know that the Universe is always holding me and caring for me. I look at the bigger picture and move my mind from my immediate need, lack and limitation to one of abundance and vastness based on this thought.

I KNOW the Universe sustains me daily with air to breathe, sun for warmth, and everything necessary to sustain my body to simply function for me daily. Therefore, I KNOW the Universe is doing no less in my personal experience, because IT continues to sustain me each and every day in each and every way.

I relax and KNOW that all is well in each and every area of my experience. The Universe is faithful to provide all that I need and desire.  IT is constantly restoring me with health, wealth, love, joy, peace and opportunity.

I am confident that my good is always at hand and I focus on good reports in mind and remove the fear based negative thoughts that keep my good from being attracted to me.

I KNOW that my thoughts are magnetic and bring forth that which I believe at the deepest level of mind.

I exercise self-mastery to clear all negative thoughts and the deeply engrained fear that has been lodged in my sub-conscious mind, and I speak with clarity into the Universal Provider of All Good my new positive thoughts.

I no longer give lip service to the things I desire to be manifest in my experience. When I speak what I desire, I KNOW I am speaking it into manifestation and I speak with authority and positive affirmation that which I believe, KNOWING it is made manifest NOW in my experience.

I take a deep breath and simply release all anxiety, frustration and pain and work my plan to do my part, KNOWING that the Universe is doing ITS part.

I release worry and fear and the need to control the manifestation of the outcome I desire and give thanks for my blessings past, present and future.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You



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