Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine Intelligence:

I KNOW the Universe is ONE EVER PRESENT POWER, and I am ONE with All that IT is.

I give thanks for this day and all that it unfolds before me.

I know that there is nothing good or bad, there only is that which is.

I realize that the Universe is a PERFECTLY balanced equation and exist in the neutrality of ITs own PRESENCE as everything that was, IS NOW and ever will BE.

I come into a new awareness of living in the neutral zone, KNOWING that all that IS simply IS and that whatever I am experiencing is merely a part of my perfect equation that brings forth more and more as I move through each and every growth process.

I know that pain and suffering are not the same, even though they are related. I understand pain now as the indication of error and suffering as my choice to stay stuck in that pain.

I elevate my consciousness above my current situation and see that I am GREATER than my issues.  I am GREATER because I can move my mind to higher levels of awareness to forgive, to process and to see my pain as a teaching tool that grants me open access to stand strong in my own POWER.

I am grateful for this day as it is the fresh opportunity to live anew.  It is the chance Spirit has given me to begin again.  It is the day that I stand strong in my own POWER, ONE with the ALL UNIVERSAL PRESENCE and realize exactly how GREAT I AM.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen


I Love You!



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