Today’s Paryer Treatment

Infinite and Divine Intelligence:

I know that all that exist in the Universe is the ONE POWER and that ONE POWER is GOD. I know that I am ONE with this Universal PRESENCE and the POWER of SPIRIT is living within my very BEING through me as me.

I know that it is always done unto me as I believe. Therefore, I realize that my negative thoughts keep me grounded in negative energy and drag me through a barrage of experiences that I really do not desire to live through.

I Empower my L.I.F.E.™ by changing my thought patterns to neutralize negative thinking by choosing to think and focus on that which is good.

I manifest what I desire in my experience. Things do not simply happen to me, I have a hand in how they happen and what actually happens.

I have the POWER of Spirit living within me as me, and therefore I have the POWER to co-create my very experience.

I realize that when I think negative I feel stuck, when I think positive my energy changes and I am empowered.  It is done unto me as I believe, and I choose to change my thinking now and believe good and see good in my experience no matter what the current circumstances may seem to suggest.

I realize that all that I desire is always circulating in the Universe.  I know that when I change my thinking and allow myself to relax in my good, that which I desire is free to circulate, and is automatically magnetized to me.

I am a human magnet. My thoughts magnetize both good and bad.  I attract into my experience everything that matches the thoughts I am grounded in.  Therefore, I am cautious of my thoughts and hold on to only those that are of good report.

I realize it is not easy to change my thinking patterns.  I realize that it requires work and effort for me to remove negativity and fear lodged in the deepest confines of my BEING from my thinking.  I know that I have the POWER to do the work to change my thoughts and I am committed to working on the process to do so.

Each day presents a new opportunity for me to learn how to control my mental horses. Each day I get stronger and stronger in making the necessary changes.  Each day I grow happier and more joyful as I watch my experience begin to change to mirror my new positive thoughts.  Each day I am over coming my own process and moving myself out of the way to allow my good to manifest in my experience.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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