Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine and Loving PRESENCE:

I am ONE with LOVE and LOVE is ONE with me. LOVE IS ALL THAT SPIRIT IS, and I am created in the Image and Likeness of thine ONE LOVING DIVINE PRESENCE.

I realize that LOVE is Constant in the Universe and has no face. Love is all that exist as IT exist, be it air; plant life or human life.

I know that LOVE is God in full expression as God in each and everything that is present in my experience, including me.

I do not have to seek LOVE for I am LOVE manifest in human form.

I realize that in order to know LOVE, I need do nothing more than look in the mirror and see LOVE as LOVE sees me, and appreciate myself as me.

I realize that when I do not have LOVE in my experience it is because I am not LOVING myself.

I remove doubt, disbelief and neediness from my mind and release the fear of not being lovable.  I go deep within and find my inner child and hold him/her and assure him/her that I love him/her.

I practice loving myself more on every level.

I am deserving of my own love and I realize it is not only OK, but imperative that I love myself first.

I realize that as I find and discover my deeper relationship with self, I am practicing loving God more, because God lives within me as me.

I know that the more I love myself, the more I am loving God and it is through this uniting of self in ONEness with the Divine that I manifest more love in my experience.

I am not alone or lonely. I am ONE with GOD in an ever increasing expression of Divine LOVE, which brings forth into my experience loving relationships with others, and the most miraculous and mutually gratifying relationship with my beloved.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You



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