Today’s Prayer Treatment

Infinite and Divine Intelligence:

I know that there is but ONE DIVINE POWER, which is the Universal All and I am ONE with IT and live in IT as IT.

I realize that the ONE MIND is Magnificent and I am ONE with IT. The ONE MIND is GOD’s MIND and I am operating in this ONE MIND as God’s Mind.

I realize that when I deter my thinking from the natural flow of peace and order I am derailing my thoughts so that I am not in alignment with ONE MIND. It is at this moment that I begin to experience various issues and problems, which I am not able to resolve until I come back into alignment with the ONE MIND of GOD within.

I know that sometimes I simply think to much. I think of all the negative ways certain things could possibly happen or worry about what other people are saying and doing.

I am no longer pessimistic in my thought process. When I engage in contemplative thought I am thinking of the positive outcomes that I desire, not worrying about all the things that I feel could possibly go wrong or seem to be presently wrong in my experience.

I realize that the ONE MIND of GOD is not focused on negativity. IT is too busy creating good to be drawn into thoughts that are non-things. I realize that I have the POWER to co-create and it is my own over thinking that makes non-things my own reality, not God.

I align my thoughts with the ONE MIND and all my negative thoughts become neutralized by the very POWER of God within me as I rise above my fear and pain.

I am here by Divine Design to live an abundant experience in each and every area of my L.I.F.E.™

I take concise and precise action to balance my thoughts and re-unite with the ONE MIND of GOD within.  I am peaceful within and calm and prepared to receive the manifestation of good abundantly flowing in my experience.

And so it is

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!



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