Today’s Prayer Treatment

Divine and Infinite Intelligence:

The Universe is Always Present. IT exist as ITself in the ever-present NOW as ALL that is, ever was and all that ever will be. I am ONE with this Magnificent NOW Presence.

I realize that focusing on the NOW brings forth joy, peace and all good.

I release my need to review my past over and over in my mind making it a stigma of conscious focus in my experience.

I realize that as I continue to re-live my past pains, hurts and issues they continue to play out in different scenarios in my NOW experience like a scratched record.

I have the POWER to release myself from the ground hogs day I have created of my own experience. I choose to see the new light of each day as a new opportunity to grow into that which I desire to BE NOW and in each day.

I know that all that I experienced in my past were merely my building blocks to be used to build my L.I.F.E.™, not wall myself in.

I breakdown the wall I built around my heart to protect my ego.  I no longer hide behind False Evidence Appearing Real (fear).

I realize that the ever-present NOW is the POWER of L.I.F.E.™ ITself, and I exercise self-mastery to control my mind to push forward to live NOW.

I realize that there is nothing outside of the NOW. The Universe builds on yesterday, and never ever gets stuck in the past. Yesterday was merely a stepping stone that brought the Universe into today.

Like the Universe, I NOW focus only on the PRESENT MOMENT and allow the past to be in the past while I grow forward.

When I feel myself slipping back into the pain of yesterday, I catch my thoughts and remember that I no longer have to choose to live and suffer through pain that has already passed.  I choose my happiness daily by choosing to release the past.

I lay aside my ego and push my pain away by focusing on today and the wonderful new opportunities and blessings that are exploding in front of me.

I concentrate on the NOW, for yesterday merely set me up to BE stronger and wiser today.

I am filled with joy ever-lasting, and I allow it to well up inside of me each morning as I praise each day for bringing me forth into a new experience.

I breathe each breath for the NOW moment. My heart beats for the NOW moment. My body is present in the NOW moment..  Therefore, I engage my mind to come forward and BE Present with my body to enjoy the ever-present and abundantly increasing NOW.

And so it is!

Ashe’ Amen



I Love You!





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